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Consciousness and Propensity

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11 months ago

The Manifestation Rant | It's all about consciousness. you can lose the physical material things, that's to do with the momentum. what doesn't change much is the habit, the propensity. That's why people will stay the same because they won't change and people change because they will change. It's too easy. When you sleep, the momentum stops. like the trades we do, you need momentum to get the pips if you stop the trade, no momentum, no gains. probably some losses, that's the same with life momentum when you slip, not sleep but slip. When you start learning and becoming aware, you'll notice that there is so much open for you if and when you align with it. It must be this or that reason why it's not here. The truth is that either it's here or it's not. Either you are getting it here or you got it! either you let it go or its was never here, that's in the physical! in the other dimensions, thought is the language. That's why most of us love thinking, it's creation then out of my thoughts I choose what to bring into form. When it doesn't come into form you have a checklist to asses,do some reflection on where you are - mentally, spiritually, even sexually, heck sometimes educationally or even religiously. anything that is in your life is reason to know if you are getting it or not. This is simply because of energy, the energies around you the most, influence you the most, if you let them! if not then it's a tug of war that can. only be won by you! even through death, once you are at war with discomfort you'll always win. unlike the one who doesn't even know, that one may always lose.

like Bob says, it's consciousness. . . because of the energies around you, not matching your consciousness you will constantly be depleted of energy or doing things that you end up questioning. This, you'll hear that it's just how things are. well the truth is that things are the way they are and will remain like that if you let them. when you choose to create flow momentum deliberately, what is, starts to become what you make of it! This is the fun part that's filled with all kinds of friction. people around you will start being all types of uncomfortable and what not. Since it's about the mind, you will always be better than you were yesterday.

do this affirmation

" thank you God/ Universe, for a very good day today, better than yesterday. Thank you God/Universe for a better day tomorrow than I'm having today"

this can be interchangeable with years and lifetimes. In this was you will always. be better than your yesterday. You could ask for higher vibrations, numbers, energies and frequencies too. You can ask for anything, even the whole garage full of gwagons and mc20s. that's as, anyway what's to notice here is something of the competition with oneself only. I personally do not believe that other that official competition like sports, I do not know of anyone fit to compete with anyone else unless they sabotage or manipulate in some way. It's simply not necessarily. I recorded a podcast earlier and used the analogy of rice, we are all like rice being cooked. The world around you, the people are constantly showing you and telling you how to get cooked. I figured that it's fine if I mind my business cos we will all get cooked either way. The earth is a few million years old, I'd like to believe that mother Gaia is at least a Trillion years old, out of respect. Even a Trillion years has nothing on eternity. what's a hundred or two hundred years to eternity?

here's a lil on the token staff.

updates coming up soon!

How To Create bep20 BP20 Token


We have address in case you have used the token center before!


Anytime, online.


Start with the end in mind. Why do you want to create a token? Is it to prove yourself a token creator or is it a challenge? May it be because you believe that you are creating the next bitcoin or you actually have something of a project to serve a purpose? Is it something that you believe in and hope that the token creation will make it better?

How? The how is always easy. People make the how seem hard. There is nothing hard in this world. Shift your focus from yesterday and all the indoctrinations that you have been groomed into. Realise that there can never be anyone better than you at being you. For this reason you never want to stop improving. Just get better than you were yesterday and a year from now you will be 365 times better than you were yesterday. With betterment on the forefront of improvement,you will keep excelling. If you however move into competition, you stand the chance of having a different mindset that your goal. Keeping your goal means that you are only competing against yourself. No other!

Love n light!

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Written by   7
11 months ago
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