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Being Dealt A Bad Hand At Life

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3 months ago

Listening to Abraham Hicks say that you cannot create your now. Because it's already created from past momentum. What you create now will come out in the future, which is also now, a later now. What this has brought to my attention I the notion that you are in some way having the presence of what is coming your way. It might be a thought, something you picked up, what this means is that nothing comes to you without it being as match to something already within you. Then the question "even the bad"? That's right! Even the bad staff, we carry around loads of bad staff in our experiences and energies, the best way to get rid of these energies is to appreciate the lesson learned and move on. By moving on, what this means is that you do not entertain that bad energy in any way shape or form. You do not resent or hate or hold grudges, you let God so his thing. What this means again is that you grow to your next levels. It's one of the easiest things to do and also the hardest. When you grasp the concept that we are just here for a while, having this human experience enriched by time and space, you become more open to the idea of there being no good or bad. It's just your perspective.

You probably felt real bad, I did too. Then what we do here is observe the times we felt bad for prolonged periods of time. What happened, how we became, who we might be because of the bad staff that we endured and all that. This paints a clear picture for us to know what this kind of dwelling on the bad will actually lead us to. As we do more of these observations, we know better to actually spend our focus on things that will actually grow us. In doing so we give the sarrounding energies to actually learn and grow too. That's why we are here to begin with, we are here for growth and expansion of the vortex! Appreciate this and not look at what was done like it's something you are letting someone off easy, what it really is - is letting them decide if they want to keep this up. You not doing what most people do will cause the other person to question what's wrong with you. You won't be there for that, instead they'll be with their energies for a very long time. So this will somehow teach them to regulate their own energies and probably the next time you meet the person will be a much better person. You might not like it or admit it - we are all growing, all of us. The bad will grow too, the bad guy probably grows more than the good guy. The truth here is that the bad guy has to grow and keep growing because he is without and the good guy is within. That's the major difference, the good guy only really has himself to deal with while the bad guy has a lot of himselves to deal with. No ,no there no separation between the good and the bad guy. It's all one person, like how you need to balance your energies to get yourself right. If you however thought of yourself as good or bad, that's your own take on you! You are really neither good nor bad. Neither can you be solely good or solely bad. It's a battle - you get losses and wins all the time. Death and rebirth all the time, body cells die all day everyday and new ones come up all day everyday, all within you. Light and dark dancing within you. Find this balance, find your center and as a wise woman once said " when you truly find yourself, the earth will be the lotus from which you bloom.

I really like the psalm 23 for y'all who read it, it has a part that reads " though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I'll fear no evil ( no evil shall befall me). What these scriptures do is sort of project into the future now, creating scenarios where you are surrounded by such staff and the protective shield. If you get it, you know that you have to have both for this to play out. When you choose to create your reality, this is challenged. When this is challenged, the observers of these scripts will question your stance, even if you declare yourself not part of them. This is where it gets interesting, they'll put these things your way so that you'll have no option but to use the shield. Thus proving the scripture to be true and being the example of the forever living scripture. What the point of this part here is that, one very good reason to let go is because some things are set up from the time we was born. It's something that has been done for so long no one can date it, or we can, it doesn't matter. What matters is that you find your center! Every time, you want to find what's the meaning of all that is making up your experience. In so doing, you keep growing yourself and those around you. Sure newer challenges will be thrown your way, you grow stronger and soon you won't have to put up with any of that. We all go through crap sometimes, it's not that you are unfortunate or something like that, well, you could be but it's something of a refinement that we all have to go through. Some have it easier than other, well you aren't. So because you are not having it easy or being dealt with the ease- you want to go easy on yourself. Choose to feel good, sure your feelings might be sucked out - you are the factory, you make more by creating better future nows. What's better than that is the fact that when you are being dealt with crap you get to clean up on a whole different level. You become unapologetically you! That, to me is one of the best states that a person can be in. Lately, so many unapologetic people of all ages are coming out and expressing their truest selves. This just makes me smile. I hope you can relate to this from your past, if you are going through this now, deal with it! Really, don't baby yourself with tears or sympathetic prayers. You got to do what you got to do to get where you got to get. Command the energies that create world to show you ways through and you will see ways through, doors will open for you where you had put your tears for so long when you start commanding instead of crying!

You are so supreme you can actually turn back the tides of time. At least in your timelines. Returning all your loses for the fun of it. And so much more including standing in for others who are going through this and taking charge where they cannot. Yup, the law of freewill is absolutely malleable. How, you might ask? The same crap that has happened to you to defy your freewill, works in opposite too. Much more than opposite, it will work the way you will create your reality to have it. That's how!

Good read, I hope!

Love n light!

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Written by   7
3 months ago
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