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One old photo

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1 month ago

Times will pass, memories will change, people will leave, and memories will remain in photographs as a witness to the past. I like to go to grandmas in her old dilapidated house full of old furniture and black and white photos.

Grandma often returns to work and talks about her youth with a set. Each picture radiated warmth and beauty even though it was in a black and white edition. Grandma paid special attention to the framed photo that was hung on the wall of the room. Say it originated in the 1950s.

In the black and white photos were my grandmother and a blanket in the yard in front of the house. On the doorstep stood a beautiful woman in her twenties. The freshness of her face and beautiful black eyes stood out and her hair was neatly pulled in a bun. A beautiful woman in a plain white dress and yet so elegant, with a smile on her face she radiated as she watched the man approaching her with a bouquet. He was wearing a dark suit with thin white stripes. A nicely tailored suit highlighted the broad shoulders and strong physique of the man. He had disheveled black hair, thick and curly. There was some painful beauty in that gentle look as if worries and sufferings were hiding behind it. love. On the stone steps of the house were arranged planted muscats of large beautiful flowers.

As she talked about this photo in her grandmother's eyes, happiness was seen just like in the picture. She told me that she and that met on the path where destinies intersect. ": He was my friend, first of all, a man. The first time I looked into those sad eyes I saw so much, renunciation, hard life, love, and a big heart. He was left alone and gave his life for others. He needed a crumb of love, he was a man who knew how to love and give a heart. He was, a pure heart and I a calm soul, so together we were one whole, the wings of happiness. Listening to my grandmother and looking at this old photograph, I see the power of the life lesson learned and the pride that my grandfather carried.

When I look back on life, the people around me, I see selfishness, malice, and painful memories. Grandpa and Grandma had their little idyll and their serenity that no one could disturb.

Maybe some things will never come back ..... No matter how hard you try, that's why the memories of all those beautiful moments will remain in the photo, and then we will be sure that they are always there and safe ...... Any black and white or some other photograph preserves the memories.

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Written by   2
1 month ago
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