New crypto music platforms - Emanate MN8 - New game changer inside the crypto music space

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After Emanate MN8 updated their new platform and they've announced the insertion the "sharing" button, so each individual track can be shared by copying the link through this button, we are waiting to see when the swap of all the choon notes from the old platform Choon (which now doesn't exist anymore) to occur inside MN8's platform.

Also the artists can be found now on the searching protocol much easily until now, when, you could find some of the artists only through the search on some sub-genres of music.

I think this platform will have a major future and revolutionize in a positive way the cryptonian world in matter of music/art.

Some say there will be a fee of 10 $ for each artist to activate inside the platform as a form of payment ... who knows ... we'll see

Also the most important thing that will be announced soon, will be regarding the swap of everyone's choon notes from the old Choon platform.

The old Choon platform, accepted this tandem cryptonian co-work by migrating all their choon notes to MN8, even if, after all this protocol, the old platform of Choon is no longer existing inside the crypto space.

They've had a solid UI and an interesting protocol, even the withdrawal could be a problematic action to be fullfilled by novice artists who were new inside the ecosystem and couldn't understand the protocol of the withdrawal system of their platform.

Meawhile, feel free and enjoy the music compositions within this awesome platform and also feel free to share the tracks you like!


PS: by the way, the link is not a refferal! So, don't get skeptical about that ...

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Hey man,

The Choon $Notes conversion to EMT have been announced on January 24, 2020. You will find more informations about the Choon Tokens swap to EMT here:


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Cool. Too many things are in a slow or fast tempo inside this cryptonian planet ... Thanks for this update ...

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nice article regarding music sir post more please

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