Cryptonian thoughts from an artistic perspective ...

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I know it will sound weird for some of you that an artist has stepped inside the cryptonian matrix cube :-) but since i've been invested as a musicoin ambassador, i've started to do my research in matter of what this new and futuristic crypto system it is right now at this very moment in time and what will might become in the near future, if we're relating to it like " the next monetary system of this world" ...

As far as i've understood regarding this forking of Bitcoin from which Bitcoin cash and Bitcoin SV came out, is related to the fact that there was a need inside the blockchain to increase the count of transactions per second, which, actually, contributed to a push by some in the community to create a so called hard-fork to increase the block size limit, right?

This sounds to me, in terms of music, like ... when you're playing mixolidian scale and suddenly the ancestors discovered the "devil's interval" ... the b5 or #4 ... like F# on top of C :-) which gaved the idea to all jazz musicians and classical ones to name it "diminished and half-diminished scale" and by placing F# triad on top of C triad, you actually received this result of new "forking" system ... Crazy, don't you think?

A new debate on which i've seen some debates inside this community, is related to the fact that, since ther was the establishment that the incentive model of Bitcoin implemented, that block rewards and mining fees should be transferred towards miners for the security funds to be provided, it only makes sense that, a crypto adress, like, let's say, one from coinbase platform, should be 100 % owned by miners.

I think i've understood, that, the miners are the only cryptonian tribes that can decide how these funds protocol must be spent inside the blockchain, in order to keep their cryptonian business and the blockchain in a healthy state.

It amuses me that most of the people, still believe that, there are no central authorities to issue new protocols inside this vast blockchain, or , regarding Bitcoin cash, to mint new coins, as the whitepaper says, as well.

This old story regarding, why, the main reason, Bitcoin was invented, has a very big question mark on it ... with a secret answer within'my mind.

For the most persons out there, it represents the decentralized protocol to bypass the majority of the so called, central banks/councils, and leave the totalitarian power to each individual inside the blockchain or crypto system, right?

I've became "Illuminated" now :-)

If Bitcoin cash has almost no fees on transfers and it proceeds all the transactions inside the blockchain, rapidly, then ... i think this platform will be a successful one ...

Hopefully the mentality won't step inside the "short term tradings" protocol.

So far, this platform has it's own communities inside the blockchain, where people can express themselves through cryptonian articles, photography, music, culinary art and so on ... and receive remunerations through bitcoin cash ... whicb in my humble opinion and from an artistic perspective this is just fab!!!

Looking forward to see where it will lead this New World out there ... within'us?

We'll see ... Now ... let me remain "Illuminated"


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