Big Change - live performance at @Philarmonic Hall in Demeswar

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Big Change" - Lucian Nagy composer & arr /soprano saxophone

Band members:

Stefan Colompar - 1st violin

Carmen Paulescu - 2nd violin

Irina Vizir -Viola

Sebastian Werlein - Cello

Johnny Bota - bass

Lica Dolga - drums

Tony Kuhn - keys

Mircea Bunea - guitar

Ovidiu Andris - vibraphone

All rights reserved to Lucian Nagy

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Regards people and enjoy my Big Change composition.

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Great music!

You can submit this one on

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3 years ago

I did ... Thanks

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3 years ago

This is very cool. Oriential Jazz. That is an incredible mix.

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3 years ago

jazz is very relaxing music it makes me calm

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2 years ago