Beatzcoin - The futuristic coin to sustain the music inside crypto space.

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Beatzcoin represents the future of music in the vast world of crypto that evolves there everyday.

It will be the coin that will remunerate each artist that applied for the music accelerator program for vibravid platform.

People will be able to pay for the music/merchandise of their favourite artists on the platform.

It is a project created based on tron and beatzcoin already are on the top 5 of the super representatives on tronscan.

Invest in beatzcoin inside Tron's blockchain and sustain the artists that are active inside vibravid's platform that was launched few months ago.

You ll be able to purchase the music and remunerate the artists through beatzcoin just by clicking on their music.

Also there will be bounties on that music that each artists decided to promoted through that protocol of offering a bounty to each listener.

The new UI will be released soon with the possibility for each artist to update their profiles and also to enable the option of the "follow" button.

This way, people will be able to find each other very easily and remain connected, even if in this new society of non-altruistic artists :-) maybe this will be an illusion ... or maybe this is the "likeophobia" effect cause by the old social media system? :-)

Enjoy this futuristic project and sustain Beatzcoin.

Artists, i recommend you to apply for the music accelerator program of beatzcoin platform.


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