A short playlist of some awesome songs from some Musicoin ambassadors/artists

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Regards everyone,

Here we are dear Readers from the Readcash planet.

Today you'll be able to listen to some music from Musicoin ambassadors and artists within'the platform.

I've just picked-up randomly some compositions from my fellow-artists from the Musicoin planet ( i've included one composition from my Tribe as well) :-) this way people will find it easier ...

I've thought that through this protocol, the exposure would start to be much more evident and people can do the same from time to time.

The community will grow and people will have the chance to know better the artists and their musicoin whitin'these platforms.

We'll start just with ten songs,ok?

Enjoy the music. Enjoy my chosen ones to be part of this very first playlist:

  1. Last Train Home by @stevee


  2. Prelude by @woodooprod


  3. Crossfire by @deezee


  4. Salvati by @lorenzopistolesi


  5. Elipsis by @recording-box


  6. Julie's song by @jurgenjoherl


  7. Hyat EP by @strangersouma


  8. Smoke by @turtleproject


  9. Frozen word by @crystalcasey


  10. Point of View by @luciannagybalkumbatribe


Today, i've thought also to start this campaign as well on other platforms, expecially on the one where i've created my #lnbt token


through which i'll remunerate those who will get involved with upvotes/resposts/sharing protocol inside @steemit platform.

Hope everyone will embrace this idea and will start to create their own playlists and share it here through our #musicoin community and also other ones.

Enjoy the music dear fellow-artists.

Friendly, L

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Great talent over this playlist!! Thanks to share. :0)

About LNBT, how it works exactly?

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3 years ago

I've posted on steemit and tagged everyone as well. People who are upvoting/resteeming/commenting on my blogs will receive 5 #lnbt tokens

There will be always mentions, regarding the giveaways protocol. Each blog will have inside the announcement regarding the protocol of giveaway.

Check it out, on steem-engine.

At this moment, 1000 #lnbt tokens value 2.5 steem coins.

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3 years ago

thank you thank you for sharing some of your playlist sir... could make a playlist for a gamers too?

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2 years ago