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Drawing "Angelina Jolie" Realistic drawing works.

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4 months ago
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Hello friends and lovers of drawing, today I want to present you a new portrait in realistic drawing and it is about a beautiful American film actress who has received awards from the academy and is also recognized for the fight for human rights. She is ** "Angelina Jolie" **

To start this work I use as a reference a photo of the actress and with my main tool I use a mechanical pencil with HB leads and I begin to create main parts of the face such as the eyes, eyebrows, nose and lips. Then would come the creation of the skin creating a layer of very soft graphite as if stroking the paper so that later with the help of soft cell brushes I expand the graphite to create a smooth and even surface including the tonal differences for the lights and for darker shadows. Then with the same mechanical pencil would come the creation of the hair creating a first and then a second layer with the 6B pencil for a darker tone and give it volume. Then with the moldable eraser I work in the different lights to give some final details and have this portrait ready.

Through this Gif I am showing that the content is original and handmade by showing the step by step of this drawing that was created during 5 hours and that bears my signature.

The following materials that were used for this work are:

  • School sketchbook of size 34.3 x 28 centimeters. with sheets of 135 g/m.

  • Mechanical pencil

  • Pencil 6B.

  • I blur.

  • soft bristle brushes.

  • Moldable eraser.

I hope you have enjoyed this work and awaiting your comments. Also thank you for taking the time to visit this Post. I wish you blessings and successes in each of your projects. My name is Elvis Sanchez and I am at your service and you can find me here or on my social networks. We will see each other again in the next project. See you soon.

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Written by   1
4 months ago
Topics: Art, Lifestyle, Women, Drawing,, ...
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