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Focusing on what you are doing

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1 year ago

When you focus on a subject, you are training your brain to be able to process those ideas and feelings that are going through your head. When your mind is busy on something else, it stops thinking and processing. Your brain tries to fight off the stress and anxiety of that thought and thinking. It reacts by getting anxious and makes you believe you're not fit to perform, and therefore it prevents you from performing.

Feeling distracted and unsure of your own ability is nothing short of an excuse for not fully committing to your goal. When you're physically focusing on an object or in a situation, it creates focus and clarity inside your head. Without focus, you're just pointing a gun and wanting to get shot. That's why many very successful people are heavy meditators. You can see them stopping and creating focus in moments when they have to.

If you have any doubts about the idea that you can develop control over your life and your thinking, read this article and don't worry; it's absolutely true. And it will completely change your life. What will happen is that you will be amazed how the usage of your brain can be leveraged to change the course of your life.

To reach it, concentrate your mind on what is occurring in the present moment with focus. When you focus on what is happening, then there is no resistance; no tension; no tension and no mind chatter. At this stage, the mind is empty. Now you need to practice this for real. What I mean by practice is to continue to do it for a number of minutes at a time.

Notably, time is very important to most brain processes, so using your brain's little energy for other tasks is certainly wasteful. It is therefore easy to understand why people struggle to do even the simplest tasks. People who lack the necessary energy are constantly hunting for a solution. So what makes it so hard? There are different theories, but what is certain is that it is extremely difficult to find the right solution to the problem.

Focusing on what you are doing and doing it very, very well. Over time, you will begin to notice that tasks and projects seem to flow in your mind with ease. You will start having these not so small magical ideas pop into your head. These ideas will be as small as a thin puff of smoke and as big as a full blown hurricane. Make your mind more relaxed. Now you are creating small magical benefits for yourself. And the magic that is doing these small things really well is well worth the effort.

It is essential to enjoy life and never give in to adversity. To enjoy, you need your mind and spirit to be calm; you need to be happy and joyful. Life requires you to smile, laugh and think about everything positively. Your mind is the channel through which you can experience joy and happiness, and enjoying life is the most peaceful and enjoyable way of living. Gets your mind off stress by focusing on one particular positive thought each day.

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Written by   53
1 year ago
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