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An Explanation of What Comes Around, Goes Around Really Means

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1 year ago

When people ask me for an explanation of what comes around, goes around, I always ask what do you mean? Is it just come back around or will it continue to go around? The meaning is always the same, whatever comes back around will go around again. An explanation of what comes around, goes around really means whatever has been lost or spent will come back and go back.

A lot of people are looking at the whole world as a single event. The whole world is a mess, but we are all here because we came from somewhere else and our ancestors are scattered all over the earth. We will have to make good on all of our investment and get ourselves all back together to find out where we all belong.

When you consider the world around you, it makes sense that everything around us will eventually end up in our hands. Any job lost, any person suffering, any happiness shared and any greed used for well being is lost forever. All of our good things we did will always be with us. When we die, they will be around to help everyone in their time of need.

It means that no matter where we are in the world we all eventually find ourselves in a place where they can help each other. Because there is no place in the world for hatred, no place for greed, no place for war and no place for fear. When you stop to think about it, maybe that is the definition of life itself.

The greatest thing about this explanation of what comes around, goes around really means is that it has brought people together across national boundaries, all races, all ethnicities, all religions and all economic backgrounds. That is a beautiful thing and in many cases it has saved lives, bringing both enemies and friends together. It has also united all countries into one under one flag, one currency and one authority.

From that time forward, we are all friends again and that is truly something to see and experience. What comes around, goes around really means is what makes life truly worthwhile. To see so many people at peace, sharing life experiences and smiling at one another is something to marvel at. It is truly a gift and must be appreciated and celebrated every day.

We are all going to die some day and it does not matter what we do or how we live. If we want to enjoy the ones we have and care for those we do not have the least bit of trouble with, then we need to understand that these are the rules of the universe. Why does this happen, why does this happen to us and who are we responsible for? This is what comes around, goes around really means and if we keep our eyes open and find our place in the world, it will continue to go around.

Understanding of this is just part of the next stage in your journey. You cannot stop to try and be happy because that is not where the real happiness comes from. So when you come around, go around and return to where you came from and begin again.

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Written by   53
1 year ago
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