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Men are humans too, give them a break

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3 months ago

One of the hardest things to be these days is a man. It is even scary being a man sometimes.

As a man, everyone expects you to be strong.

They expect you to repress emotions.

They say men expressing themselves makes them look weak.

People always talk about the downsides of women but expect the man to act manly and look or appear tough.

Sometimes men hide in the restroom, not because they want to fiddle with their phones but because they want to let their guards down and permit themselves to cry if possible.

And this happens because feelings are forbidden for men by all standards and this is causing problems in many unbelievable ways.

On International men's day, men couldn't bring themselves to even celebrated themselves.

The accolades poured on women on mother's day and international women's day cannot be placed side by side with that of men, yet men never complain, even though they may want to, they just don't want to be perceived as weak or desiring something irrelevant.

Popular opinion suggests men are in power are responsible for all the ills in the world.

This is not true, because men are just as hurt as women over the injustices in the world.

What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Why are men always assumed to be guilty in a rape case?

If a man does not do sports, he is looked at in a type of way that makes him uncomfortable, "you don't play ball?" Some people will ask rhetorically.

It was only recently in these parts that tailoring and making of women's dress started being accepted as a profession for men.

Sometimes men are made to apologize for being men, we have to apologise for men cheating, even when it wasn't us who cheated.

We have to apologise on behalf of thieving politicians even when it wasn't us who stole.

The idea that only women can suffer problems is wrong.

There’s hostility to men having problems.

Although women are understandably annoyed at some inequalities towards women, to put all men in the same box is wrong. This creates an environment where men will feel castigated if they suggest they have a problem.

May link with why so many men never speak out against their battles, against the likes of depression.

There is one thing common to people of every gender that society forgets.

That is humanity.

Like women, men have emotions and need support. Suicide is the biggest killer of young men around the world today, and there is a reason for that.

Toxic masculinity cultivates a negative environment for men and women.

How can a man be truly free in modern society when the notions regarding his gender are so predisposed towards hostile isolation of emotion?

Men pay for everything, everything.

Who gives men a lift?

Who offers to pay for a man's transport or flight ticket?

Men are supposed not to feel anything, they are supposed to hide under the rock of masculinity and act tough so as not to break.

In all of these, however, men don't complain still.

They walk the earth in silence, weak, lonelier and depressed, only the strong survive, but they are all supposed to be strong.


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Written by   38
3 months ago
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Women and men deserves the rest they need. We all deserved to be lifted and aprpeciated. But since your subject is men, I will agree with you. Men have feelings too and shouldn't be treated like a stone that doesn't feel anything. They are also allowed to cry and breakdwon. Normalize men showing weakness.

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3 months ago

Women need rest too 😊 we all need rest.. Coz we are only human

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3 months ago