I lost the Lottery..... I placed a bet on England.... Italy finished my Career

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1 year ago

Don't mind my title, I haven't even been following the match judiciously. I have only been off and on and taking tips from my friends whenever they are discussing matches

Last night, England competed with Italy for EUEFA EURO 2020 finals. And Italy got the cup.

I was home trying to curate posts when a friend called and asked that I follow him to see the match. I was reluctant about going because I didn't finish my tasks on Hive.

I remembered I haven't been out of my house in the last 7 days, so I realized I needed the fresh air, and a change of Environ, so I accepted.

Late into the evening, he came around, and picked me, at one of the game stations. The guys were already there, waiting anxiously for the outcome.

I had a feeling a lot of them have placed one bet or the other on that match. And they were hoping and fervently praying.

I realized a lot of them rooted for Italy, and that they wanted them to come out victorious.

It was fun to be among the guys, and listen to them shout, cheers, support, and abuse the players from this end.

I didn't know why, but they kept abusing the various Chelsea, and Arsenal players in the field. And the fans of the various clubs abused each other back playfully, and it was hilarious.

I learned a lot of names in the PlayStation, names like Rice, Maguire, Saka, Mount, Sterling, Stones, etc. During the games, the guys joking said, the team should buy another player, and the player should be named either Beans or Stew, so that we can always have Rice and Stew or Rice and Beans in the field... hahahhahaha

The first goal England score was impressive, and everyone jubilates and cheered. There were subsequent attempts to score again and again by Italy and England. The first half finished, Italy couldn't counter the score.

It was well into the second half of the match that Italy finally scored, and I saw the guys rose to their feet and cheered. The experience was so overwhelming, I couldn't help but smile at all of them.

There was this player in the Italian team, he was so aggressive on the field. He constantly tried to score for his team but missed every time. I can't remember his name, but the guys were happy when he sustained injury and had to be replaced.

Another peculiar player that got our attention was someone from the England team who constantly tripped and failed, the guys said, he was trying so hard to gain a plenty shot for his team. And this act did not sit well with everyone on the PlayStation.

Whenever he felled, the guys shouted that he should get up and play because this is the finals. The guys also mentioned that the referee was purposely ignoring the player's faults, so he doesn't have to blow whistles, nor give penalties. Again, they acknowledged he was doing the right thing because it was the finals.

I would love to gist you more and more about what the guys said and the turnout of events but I have to go. When they gave them extra time, I had to leave because it was getting late. My environment isn't safe, we have a cult clash now and then.

So my friend took me home and returned to the game station. Later in the night, I asked him who won, and he told me Italy won by 4 goals to 3.

It was a tight game, and because they equalize at the end of the second half, they had to compete through penalty kicks.

My friend also told me that Italy had done 33 games, 26 wins, and 7 draws, so they truly this particular win.

Cheers to Italy. Cheers to the team who initiated the EUEFA EURO 2020 finals. Cheers to you for reading through.

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I was also pro-England, although I didn't make a bet.

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