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How you can make a 1800% ROI with your copywriting skills.

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Do you often read books or watch videos that repeats the same content and information about copywriting?

Do you wish you knew the psychology that draws customers to your content?

Do you want to put out valuable sales letter that entices them enough to take action?


There is a fundamental psychology that comes with copywriting. You have to be taken by the hand, and guided on the basics of writing a perfect sales copy.

You need to know the key concepts, terms, and advice, even if you are a beginner.

You should know how to write sales letters, emails, e-newsletters, sales copy, funnels, and more.

Imagine you are reading a sales letter, what is the one thing you look out for?

A single idea that will make you more successful right?

You are never interested in everything the author has to say. You naturally skim through looking for answers. Answers perculiar to your needs at the moment.

As you continue reading, your soul longs for a single, and powerful idea that will catapult and jolt you out of your indifference and unbelief.

Once you are uplifted, you will remember that idea, and take actions.

It is important that you understand what a single idea is and what is it not. An idea that is able to bring results isn't all that big.

They are always simple ideas, and once it is applied to problem solving, the whole scenario looks really simple.

They are often clear, concise, and precise ideas.

A copywriter thrives on being able to push the buy-button of his client by centering his sales letter around one idea.

This is because when his client reads such letters, he will discover engaging, thought-provoking, and scalable ideas.

This will move him towards taking action, and in this case, buying the product.

A copywriter learns what it takes to hit the nail on the head, instead of circling his sales letter around more than one idea.

A good copywriter knows that the more topics or points or ideas that he tries to analyze, the less effective his sales copy will be

So he is committed to making sure the hit the right idea, and wins over his customer with it.

Soaring in your copywriting career means you must learn how to use one idea with all the right techniques. Such techniques include appropriate stories, predictions, statements, promises, etc.

These techniques has to capture the idea and then drive your sales.

The best way to be able to gain such a massive advantage is to know who your customer is.

It is the only way you will be able to present an idea that solves his problems and needs.

If you do not want to lose your target, then study him. Do not assume that everyone will respond to your sales pitch in the same way.

You should learn to study your mark or potential client. You have to become familiar with his weakness, pride, insecurities.

Learn to see through his appearances, and contradictions. Find the chink in his armour that will give you an upper hand in selling to him.

Gather concrete knowledge about him, know his attributes and the perculiarities of his taste. Find those uncontrollable emotions and secret needs.

Once you are able to find the one thing or idea that will bait him, stay on course till the end.

How do you stay on course? Use that one idea and tell a captivating story, strike core emotions in your customer, give him the desire benefits, and then make him take action.

The ultimate goal in copywriting is to find one good idea to grab your reader's attention. Instead of tackling different ones that pulls their attention in different directions.

So use a simple but strong idea, one that is easy to believe, and understand. Use an idea that stirs interest, convince, and is clearly useful to the reader.

This is the core principle of copywriting.

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Written by   38
5 months ago (Last updated: 4 months ago)
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