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Have you ever had to serve in prison for something you didn't do?

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2 months ago
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One evening, I decided to log into my Facebook account. The first post that appeared on my feed was a friend disclosing a murder story. Let's say, this person's name is Mike, the names of the two people involved in the murder story are Daniel, and Kingsley.

Mike said, Kingsley, lend Daniel some money, and he had requested his payment on several occasions. Daniel didn't want to refund the money, one evening, he asked Kingsley to come over to the house for his money.

Kingsley must have felt some relief washed over him because he was finally going to get his money back. He had no idea that the relief he felt was that of death.

According to the report, just as Kingsley crossed into Daniel's neighborhood, Daniel ran him over with his car. 😴

The name of the human who killed another human was quite familiar. I had heard the story previously before this day. I just didn't pay attention to all the details until that evening.

Once I saw the original name of Kingsley, it rang a bell. So, I went on WhatsApp and tried confirming his identity with a few friends who were familiar with him too. It turned out he was the one.

Everyone was shocked because Daniel's family are all well to do. And could afford the small change he was owing Kingsley. I had no idea why he had to kill his friend over a small sum of money.

He had recently returned from the United States, where he stayed with the rest of his family. They returned because their dad died, and the burial was conducted here.

I don't know if they never returned to the USA after the burial, but this accident proved they didn't.

Once I thought about it, I remembered, his late dad, had some issues with the church, and it was a leadership conflict. A conflict that separated the church, and caused a lot of grudges to arise amid the brethren.

I do not want to say it's family genes to cause harm to other people's lives. No, I am telling you this story because I will be focusing on Justice.

Do you know the next day, as I searched for that post on Mike's profile, I couldn't find it anymore? Do you know what happened?

I am sure, the family of Daniel had threatened the writer to take it down from his wall. They must have covered up the case since they are influential. And they have their reputation at stake.

I won't be here to judge no..... That is because as a family, we are supposed to protect our own, no matter the offense, they commit... right? I have no idea.

If you look into society you will see that the word, justice, is barely practiced.

A killer goes Scott-free, and the innocent get thrown into jail to rot. An abusive husband walks Scot free, while the wife(his victim) lives a fearful life as a result of the terrible experience and trauma. A friend backstabs his or her friend and goes on to live comfortably, while the recipient, hurts like hell, and never trusts again.

We say justice with our lips but never quite practice them.

Young men, these days are beginning to understand where the value of money lies. They make tons of dollars daily but are harassed by the police. The police find offense in every word and action there, with claims that the guys are breaking the law. All in a bit to dig into their pockets and go home with a huge sum of money

Yesterday, while we were waiting for the bus scheduled to take us on the traditional marriage trip, my friends discussed their traveling experiences. One told us he is usually extra careful with his bags while on a journey. And that was because if he happens to sit close to an individual who is heavily into drugs. There is every possibility that the human will transfer the content of his bag to that of my friend's bag, to implicate him in case of a search warrant and walk Scot free.

On the highway, we also have law officials patrolling and checking passengers and buses for illegal belongings. Anyone caught with such items will be apprehended. Imagine, knowing that you are carrying illegal goods, and your bus is stopped for checking, of course, you will look for a scapegoat.

It is this kind of scene that innocent people suffer for things they knew nothing about. And the official won't believe a word, they say, because, there are evident everywhere.

Having a criminal record isn't a good idea, it ruins one's image and reputation. Most times, we are not guilty of the offense that we are charged for. We just find ourselves in the wrong place at the wrong time, or right places, but wrong timing.

Justice is way overrated. Most people are lucky to get it. Others don't. If you have a good lawyer, you might get it, but if your opponent is heavily rooted in the system, you may not get justice.

Yes, in the morning, before leaving for the marriage, I decided to see a movie to while away time. And it was a Justice influenced movie.

There was this character whole enjoys killing. He had gone to a small town, and gun down, three people. The head of the town demanded that he should be hung so justice can be served.

There was a breach, the accused was the son of the most feared emperor in the city. His father was a ruthless leader, and no town dares to offend him.

His son was confident that no harm will. come to him because of where he came from, and a lot of lives were lost in the process of gaining justice.

in the end, justice won.... yes, the good always wins over the bad... in movies. Reality? it's hard to tell.

Does setting free a wrongly convicted person solve the trauma associated with the experience?

"The post-traumatic stress faced by a wrongly convicted person who has awaited execution by the government doesn’t dissipate simply because the state frees the inmate, apologizes, or even provides financial compensation—which often is not the case."

Quote source

Most times, justice is served, but it often takes years. By that time, the accused must have lost quite a good number of years. I often wonder where they will start from, after their release.

Most of them will come to the realization that the family they left behind might have died off, or moved away.

There are those whom justice never get serves but, are Lucky (if you call this luck) to be a part of a prison break or prison riot that sets them free.

Where will they start to take off the piece of their lives. If they do not seek medical and psychological attention, the repercussions is severe.

There is always a positive side to everything. Most people often learn to make lemonade out of lemons that life presents them with.

So, there are those who serve prison terms, either guilty or not guilty, and while in prison cogitate over everything they did as a free man.

These thoughts transcends into activities they indulge in when they are released (positive activity). In those moments of quietness, when the world stops, they reconstruct their thoughts, developing them into positive ideas.

Those rekindled ideas makes them powerful upon their release, instead of making them vulnerable to psycho ideologies and mindsets.

Perhaps, I would say that justice is served for these folks by letting them into the spotlight that helps them set the world on fire. Justice is served by granting them access to knowledge and realization of methods that can be enforced in to the society, for their personal benefits, and the families they left behind for many years.

Does this happen? You should tell me.

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Written by   38
2 months ago
Topics: Prison, Accused, Wrongly, Justice, Court, ...
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