Profession, Passion or still undecided?

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3 years ago

Have you ever asked yourself what would you want to be once you grew up? Or if you're already at the age where you're about to take a degree in college, have you asked yourself if it's really the profession you want to do until you grew old? If you're already an adult, do you still wonder if you did the right choice of choosing the profession you have right now?

We could all relate that it is indeed hard to find a course, a degree or a profession you will take or do for a long time. There are a lot of things we considerate before choosing and some of those are, “Is it an In demand job?”, “Will I be able to do this job without getting tired of it as the days had passed?” or “Is it really what i desire or is it actually what OTHER people expected from me?” These are just a few examples of the broad reasons we considerate before taking a decision.

On the other hand, there might be a case where we already knew what we are really passionately about like being a painter, a photographer, a musician but then, we are torn between doing our passion versus doing what is more convenient for our living. It is really a hard decision especially when one of your goals is to be successful in life. I do not say that there are no future at being a painter and etc. but thinking practically, being a professional architect, engineering and etc are more promising to the current economy of our world. I could also relate in this kind of situation and it really do sucks.

Either what situation you belong, here's a little reminder for you:

It's okay if the others already figured out what they wanted to be when they grow up at the age of ten or even five. It's okay if you haven’t discovered what course you will take in college or what work you want to do for a living. Take your time, no one's rushing you. Achievements are different on every people and it is also achieved in different timelines. It's alright if someone have it all already. You are not left behind. You're road is just much longer than the rest but it doesn't make it difficult, it just makes it even more worth it to grasp on. Hold on, there will be an end on your doubts.

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3 years ago