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Life is short

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6 months ago
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Is there going to be a week when you will actually settle all your problems in life? NO

Is there going to be a Month when you won't pay bills as an Adult? NO

Is there going to a stage in life when you will have no worries, no problem, no challenges? Certainly NO

So my advise is..

Once in a while, Remove 2-5dollars.

Take a walk to the Woman or Mallam selling Roasted chicken or catfish

Tell her to give you 2 laps or one plate. Tell her to package it on TAKEAWAY

On your way home, buy Hollandia yogurt, or any good yogurt.

When you get home, Lock your door, Off your clothes,

Put "I can't kill myself" by Timaya.

Please don't seat on the chair, spread on the floor

And make sure you tear that chicken/fish as you listen to the song. Then dilute it with the Hollandia.

Problem no dey finish for this world. So no kill yourself trying to solve everything without taking a break to relax and enjoy.

4rm echenox...just a reminder to everyone here🧏🏼‍♂️

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Written by   43
6 months ago
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Yes you are right brother.Life is short, so it is not right to brag about this short life. Bragging about one's own life is like hitting one's own foot with an ax.

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6 months ago