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1 year ago

Goodday ladies and gentlemen and how are you doing? Its really great to be part of this awesome steemit community. My name is Obinegbo Echezona, I am 21 years of age born 25th January in the popular town of onitsha in the Eastern part of Nigeria. Of course i am from Nigeria. Growing up with my parents has being very eventful and fun filled as i was meant to learn the do and donts of the society.

Growing up in the beautiful city of onitsha, i attended my primary school at new world international school where i learnt the basis of living. After my primary school, i went on to attend my secondary school at federal government college nise anambra state. Life in the boarding house taught me many things and i can say it has helped to to grow into the person i am today.
In 2017 i got admission into the university of Nigeria nsukka where i am currently studying genetics in order to improve human life and the environment in general.

Some of my hobbies include

  • Travelling

  • playing games

  • Reading

  • watching movies
    I like exploring new places and making new friends also i love computer games as it makes me feel relaxed and creates inner peace in me.

I got the knowledge about crypto after some years of being in the university and the knowledge of crypto has helped me in many ways both financially and intellectually.
Some weeks back a friend of mine introduced me to steemit and how it is helping him financially and intellectually and i dimmed it fit to be here. Hoping to have a great time with readcash.

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