The Wrong Road

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2 years ago

The wrong road,

The wrong route,

The sweetest beginning but the deadliest end,

The easiest path to follow,

The path for both the righteous and the unrighteous,

The path a normal human being in his/her right senses will not follow,

But what happens,

Due to some stringent factors, you find yourself in such a road,

Poverty a cause,

Bad Governance a cause,

Peer group influence a cause,

Irresponsible Parenthood a cause,

This is a road full of both disadvantages and advantages,

A road for the good and evil to choose,

But you are left with so many options,

Why choose that road,

The road that leads to the death of the innocent,

The road that offers life but death a price to pay,

Why choose that road,

Well I stay focused on what I choose,

My choices are genuine,

And I long to see the reward of my long suffering and effort,

I choose the right road, the right life.

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