The Right Road

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3 years ago

Looking up to the title of my article you will notice that "Right Road" is a clear Alliteration. To remind you Alliteration is the juxtaposition of words beginning with the same consonant sound. Through this you will know that I am a very good literary student or I was. I was actually better than this but now I really need to do some work to get back to my old self. Now back to my interesting poem.


The Right Road,

The Road that brings forth good things,

The road that comes with blessing and mercies from God,

But also the road so hard to choose,

But also the road so hard to follow,

The road that good tidings come but are slow to come,

The road wide open for everyone to follow but very narrow in some cases,

The road that welcomes everyone with clean and clear coal tar,

But altthough neat it is still tool rough to pass through,

Although welcoming still hard to get in,

The road that bears up the last and puts him first,

The road of naturally endowed with angels,

The road for the believers,

The road for the faithful,

The road for the kind-hearted,

The road for the clean and righteous,

The road for the gentle and meek,

The road only for the Godly,

Why so hard to choose,

There is chaos,

There is corruption,

There is Bribery,

There is evil,

There is hardship,

There is bad luck,

But why only few endure the pain to the end,

Well I must earn the ticket to such a free road,

and I will follow that road for life,

and not only that,

My generation must also pass through such life they call "The Right Road"


As you can see from the context above you will see something so enlightening. I have substituted life with a road. If I did not want to write literally I would have written "The Right Life" but I felt it would be better if I used that. In my next article I will write on "The Rough Road"

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