Joyfulness and Happiness

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It is easy to say that happiness leads to joy or should I say joy leads to happiness. If you feel that I a wrong or right please comment and tell me which grammar is correct between the two? I think that happiness leads to joy or am I wrong. Any of these is just taking me to the main topic which is “Joy and Happiness” that is what matters right now. 

I would like us to know the meaning of the two and find how to differentiate between them. That way we can know the difference between them and the similarities if actually there is any. I have compiles a few definitions from the Encarta dictionaries which I found useful during my time of study for this article. I will start with the definitions of Joy.


  1. A feeling of great happiness and pleasure especially of an elevated or spiritual kind. I have already started seeing similarities between tthem

  2. A pleasurable aspect of something or a source of happiness. I think I will take the second “a source of happiness”. This simply explains that Joy is not only presented in form of an adjective but also a Noun as it says a source. If you think so you could give examples in the comment area.

That is all the data I have on Joy now let me move to Happiness. Actually if you move to the dictionary you might not find what Happiness is, especially the Encarta dictionaries. But I could get a definition for Happy and that is what I am going to put down below.


  1. A feeling for showing pleasure, contentment or joy. Look closely joy has entered the story.

  2. Causing or characterized by pleasure or joy. It looks like I have found something clear to say.

You see Joy and Happiness are similar in a way from the definitions listed above. Now I have finished with the definition quota. I will go into the reason why I wrote this article and some other interesting facts I need to emphasize on. I will give the reason for this article below;

Brethren I wrote this article mainly because I listened to a certain song by a popular musician by name Wizkid and in a similar way I watched a video of the two biggest Afro beat stars in Africa by name Burna Boy and Wizkid. The two did awesome song collaboration and released the video about two days ago. Watching the video gave me a reason to smile and also motivation and inspiration to write this article.

The name of the song by Wizkid is called Joy. In his song he said “Joy nothing but Joy, every other day I see nothing but Joy, God bless your Family…” Those were his words that gave me joy and the song is good on its own. Then the video was also a source of motivation. The name of the song is Ballon D’or; anyway they sang it in commemoration to the award given to Lionel Messi recently in the past year, 2021. In the video they were enjoying themselves on a ship drinking. That is the kind of joy I would love to have.


  1. A joyful person gives other people in the society a reason to smile with them. If you are strolling and a person sees you frowning it would give that person a bad impression about you and they will feel insecure. So make sure to put on a smiley face.

  2. Joyfulness and Happiness brings forth good tiding both to oneself and to other people. A happy person can easily be acknowledged by other people in the society and before you know it alerts and gifts will start landing in and every reason to be angry would be terminated.

  3. Happiness helps you have more good friends than bad ones. If you’re the type that frowns every time, those that frown will come your way but if you are the type that smiles every time, happy friends will come your way.

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