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2 years ago

Everyone imagines what you are,

who created you?

How did you form?

Why do you come?

All but the last question still remains a mystery,

Everyone wants to make money in future but the question is how can all does be achieved,

Everyone wants to get married in future but the question is also how can it be achieved,

When at time come very early and too late,

You just come at unpleasant times,

Although most times you come unpleasantly,

How do you come?

That question is neither for you nor I who are still alive,

It is for the dead who are angry that all they wanted to achieve never came into existence,

I hope my wishes will come into existence before you come for me,

I believe everyone's prayer should be they should not die prematurely.

I hope so.

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A very good piece of art I assure you

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2 years ago