Back in Time

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"I'm not sure I can do this," said Yuichi, stopping just in front of the tall, blue door.

"It's just like the old days," said his friend. "Remember?"

Yuichi took a deep breath. "But it's not."

"We'll be back on Earth in a few hours."

"It's not Earth."

"Are you afraid?"

Yuichi paused for a moment. "No. Not afraid."

"Then why wait?"

Yuichi took another deep breath and then walked through the door.

The other two followed, and then they were on Earth, but not the same Earth they'd been on before.

It was a desolate world, with no vegetation or animals, just rock and metal. The sun was high in the sky, but it had no warmth, and there was no sound except for the wind that blew dust around them.

Yuichi had never seen a desert before, but he thought this was what a desert would look like if there was no life on it.

"I guess we have to walk," said his friend.

"I don't think we have a choice," said his other friend. "We don't have any water."

"It's going to be hot."

"I don't think it's going to get any colder. And I don't think it's going to rain."

"At least we won't die of thirst," said Yuichi. "We do have that."

"We should look for shelter," said his friend.

"Where?" said Yuichi.

"There must be something."

They started walking toward the mountains. They walked through the day and into the night, and then started up again in the morning. They saw nothing, not even footprints. The wind blew dust around them and they were constantly covered in dry, gritty feeling dirt. They took turns taking a break and resting, and then it was Yuichi's turn again.

He took a drink from his water container, and then he looked ahead. His eyes were used to the darkness by now, and he could see something ahead. It wasn't the mountains, but it was better than nothing. It was a cliff, and they had to climb up it.

They made it up the cliff. They had to climb over rocks and over a few large fallen trees that had been blown over in the wind.

They made it to the top of the cliff and looked around.

There was nothing but a barren rock and metal world in every direction.

"It doesn't look like there's anything here," said Yuichi.

"What do you think?" said his friend.

"I don't know. I just hope nothing's out there."

"And what if there is?"

"We'll deal with it."

"Do you think there's anybody out there?"

Yuichi shrugged. "I don't know. But we have to find out."

Their footsteps echoed in the empty world. Yuichi walked across the rocky ground and saw a large metal object. Like the gate, it was blue in color. It had a large ring in the middle and four small square windows on each side.

"God," said Yuichi. "Is that what I think it is?"

"What do you think?"

"I think it's a time machine."

"Let's see what's on the other side."

They stepped forward and walked through the door, and then stopped.

It was a beautiful world. There were clouds in the sky, and the sun was shining brightly, but the temperature was just above freezing. The grass had green blades, and there were flowers everywhere.

Yuichi felt something bump into his leg, and he looked down as his dog jumped up on him. He picked up the dog and hugged it tightly.

"My beautiful dog," said Yuichi. "This is a wonderful world."

The dog barked and happy barks echoed through the air. It looked around, and then ran in circles, showing off its long, furry body.

Yuichi looked up at the blue sky.

"Where am I?" he said.

"You're back on Earth," said his friend.

"How?" asked Yuichi.

"The time machine brought us back here."

"I don't understand."

"You don't have to. Look at this place. It's beautiful. The time machine brought us to a world that was perfect, like this one."

"How is that possible?"

"The time machine isn't like the other ones we used. It's not just a machine that takes you back in time."

"What's it do?"

"The time machine takes you to a different world."

"And then what happens?"

"Then you stay there. It's perfect. That's why it's called a perfect world. But you could get homesick and go back to Earth, and then you would go back to the original world."

"I don't understand."

"The time machine is a machine that holds your thoughts in the machine. So you can take a look at everything, but you can't touch anything or hurt anyone. You can see everything, and you can't change anything. But then the thoughts you had in the machine would belong to you again. You can go see the old world, but you can't forget where you came from."

"What about the new world?"

"The time machine is just a machine that's in the same place. It holds your thoughts in, like a video recorder. You can watch the same video the whole time, or you can fast-forward through it. I guess you could pause and rewind, but you can't change anything."

"It's like a video recorder."

"Exactly like a video recorder. So you only see what you recorded. But you can see everything that was recorded in the past. You can think about everything that's happening in the future, and it will be happening. It's not real. You can't change it, but you can think about it."

"And you can go back in time," said Yuichi.

"Exactly. You see it."

"That's how you found me?"

"Yeah. That's how we found you."

"Did you go back in time to find me?" asked Yuichi.

"No. There was just a chance that you'd have the same thoughts when you went back in time. That's how we figured out you'd be here."

"So we can go back to the time I was in now?"

"Yes. That's why you have to remember everything."

"I guess I can do it."

"We're going to see. It's like a vision quest. You have to remember all of your thoughts in order to go back and see everything. That's why it's not a video recorder. It's a trick of the brain."

"I guess that makes sense," said Yuichi. "It's not a video recorder, after all."

"It's a perfect world," said his friend.

"We have to go back," said Yuichi.

"Yes, we do," said his friend.

"I want to go back to Earth."

They walked back through the door of through the four windows, they saw a girl. Yuichi walked toward the windows, and then walked through them.

It was the girl from the parking lot. She was as beautiful as ever. Her hair shone in the sunlight. Her clothes were simple, but she wore them with a confidence that made her look spectacular.

Yuichi walked toward her. He could see a smile on her face.

"Yui," said the girl. "That's your name right? It's Yuichi, right?"

Yuichi nodded.

"I'm Shizuka," said the girl. "It's good to see you again. Are you traveling by yourself?"

"Yes. These are my friends," said Yuichi.

"I see. You have a very nice dog," said Shizuka.

She walked closer to the dog, and petted it gently on the head. The dog wagged its tail and barked the dog barked again, but this time it barked like a dog, and then it jumped up into the air and ran toward her, and then held its head up to give her a kiss. Shizuka laughed, and then she made a face of surprise and smiled at the dog, and then she scratched its head, and then she ran her hand through its fur.

Yuichi looked at her hand, and he touched her hair.

"Here are your friends," she said. "They're very nice."

She smiled at the men.

"Why don't you come back to our apartment? I have some tea and snacks there," she said.

"That'd be wonderful," said Yuichi.

"How would you like to go back to Earth?" she asked.

"I'd like that," he said.

"I know this is hard for you to understand," she said. "We want to She grabbed his head and kissed him, and then she took his hand and ran toward the door of the blue machine. He followed.

They ran out of the blue time machine and into a room. There were four people there, standing in a line. They each held different objects. He had never seen anything like them.

"You're about to see something special," said the girl. "The four of us are the Four Guardians of the Four Elements. We were chosen by the time machine to protect humans and save the Earth."

"What are they?" asked Yuichi.

"The Four Guardians of the Four Elements."

"What are they?" he asked.

"The Guardians protect the world. They hold everything that you see in this room. They hold the blue sky, the blue grass, and all of the other things. They hold the air. We're all connected to the sky and everything that's in it. The Guardians

"The time machine is alive," said the girl. "It has a soul, and it can think. It can choose to love or to hate, or to see the same thing in different ways. But it can also see the past and the future, and that's why it can show Yuichi the world from a different perspective. The Guardians The A hand came through the wall above Yuichi and grabbed his wrist. He looked down to see his hand in the hand of the girl.

She was an old lady with a white beard wearing a white robe and a white turban. She wore a pair of sunglasses. He recognized her from the time machine.

"I'm the Guardian of Wisdom," she said. "I'm a bubbling fountain of wisdom. I'm here to help you remember."

"I don't understand," said Yuichi.

"Line up with the other Guardians, and I will take you to the past," she Yuichi's friend shouted out something. The other men shouted, and everyone began to shout. The A and the men shouted, and the girl shouted, and the Guardians shouted. The air and the land and the sky and the water and the earth blurred, and they seemed to become something else.

And suddenly, they were all gone.

"What happened?" asked Yuichi. The girl pulled Yuichi's hand through the wall, and she held his hand with two fingers.

"It's okay," said the girl. "It's okay, Yuichi. You'll see."

"What did you do?" he asked.

"We took you back in time," she said. "We took you back to where you were when you first heard your friend's dream."

"How did we do that?" asked Yuichi. "I don't understand."

"It's a special machine. We can take people back and she pulled his hand through the wall, she held his hand with two fingers.

"It's okay, Yuichi. It's okay, Yuichi. You'll see."

"What did you do?" he asked.

"We took you back in time," she said. "We took you back to when you were first heard your friend's dream."

"How did we do that?" asked Yuichi. "I don't understand."

"It's a special machine. We can take people back and see the world as it was at a certain point in history."

"Why do you do that?" he asked.

"We do it so we can preserve the world. We protect the future."

"So that's what we're doing," he said. "We're protecting the future."

"It's a perfect world," she said. "It's a perfect world. The Earth is saved."

Time machine what was I thinking. I wanted to make this story much more interesting well. It is interesting to me hope you enjoy it. That is not all there is a continuation to the story so please sit back read and enjoy. It is LIT.

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