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Honesty Is The Best Policy

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Introduction :

All the wise men and rulers of the world have pointed out that honesty is the ultimate treasure. There can be no more sacred power than honesty. It has been repeatedly said in the Holy Qur'an that Allah does not like liars. Honesty is paramount in the human qualities required for the development of true humanity. Honesty is the best approach. And truthfulness is the name of human virtue enlightened in the light of truth. So if you deviate from the truth, you have to perish. Eternal welfare can be attained by maintaining the dignity of truth in all aspects of life in thought, action and deed.

Honesty :

The word honesty literally means to speak the truth honestly, but it includes all virtues. It is called honesty or truthfulness to reveal the details of an event without hiding it. Honesty is the quality of always telling the truth, not hiding the truth, not resorting to lies for any reason. Those who do not have these qualities are called liars.

Characteristic Of Honesty :

One can establish oneself as a truthful person only if one can develop character by reflecting justice and truth away from all kinds of sinful deeds. By keeping the dignity of this song intact in the human heart in all spheres of life, its true nature can be highlighted. Truth that develops by adopting truth is called honesty. Truth has no secrecy. Giving a false idea about the real thing by keeping something out of sight is nothing but a deception of the truth. Truth develops the nature of life, real facts or information are obtained through truth. Even if the truth is known, the work can be done properly. Great ideals are established in truth. That is why the pursuit of truth has been going on for ages.

The Pursuit Of Honesty :

It is not easy to get the sunlight of truth by removing the mist of falsehood. This requires hard work. Beautiful idols of lies are spreading innumerable magic around us. The great mantra by which we can break the spell of magic and find the path of truth is devotion and faith. It has been seen in the world that every godly person has come to love the truth.

The Effect Of Honesty :

There is no substitute for honesty to enrich life with beauty and balance. Endless pursuit of truth can bring success in life. Throughout the ages great men have succeeded in their great pursuit of life by following the truth. Just as they have succeeded in achieving their goals for the sake of honesty, they have also defeated a formidable enemy in the name of truth. All obstacles in front of them have been overcome by the force of truth. After hundreds of sufferings, the common man became the winner for the truth. Selfish people often resort to lies for their own benefit because honesty is characteristic. The greedy mind of its own is active in harming others, then the truth is disrespected. People save their own interests by lying. Although the victory of falsehood may seem apparent, it is not permanent. Rather, the revelation of truth once became inevitable and ultimately the victory of truth was declared.

Example Of Honesty :

The way in which great men have glorified themselves in the pursuit of truth has inspired man for centuries as a great example.Those who do not respect the truth cannot be generous. Fear lingers in their minds forever. In order to guide mankind to the path of truth, different religions have emerged in this world over the ages. People of all religions in the world have been called upon to be truthful. The founder of Islam, Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) himself was a truthful person And has preached the word of truth throughout his life. For this he has been tortured in many ways by bad people, But he did not deviate from the path of truth and his own ideals. Apart from the promoters of religion, the great human beings who have become immortal through the ages, they were all truthful.

Conclusion :

Honesty is the greatest virtue of human life. Truthful people have no fear, they are fearless, their life is beautiful and happy.

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Written by   442
1 year ago
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