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Take the LEAD; make it SIMPLE, stay SECURE!

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10 months ago

With a wide array of non-custodial wallets out there, sometimes it’s hard to choose. While a couple of wallets offer great services, they fail at developing a flexible and memory-friendly application to embody these services. A secure lightweight and memory friendly wallet application makes crypto asset management less tedious.

A number of options, different shortcomings; it’s hard to choose, but it’s time to take the LEAD and be in charge.

Introducing LEAD wallet!!

Simple, Secure, Efficient: Built for you!

Lead wallet is built with the everyday crypto enthusiast in mind. Lead wallet presents a simple user interface with every feature designed to suit the cravings of every cryptocurrency investor. Designed with simple typography and visual-friendly colors, lead wallet places ‘usability’ as a top priority. Pro or noob; Lead wallet drives every user along with an intuitive design and user-assistance infrastructure. The simple typography, color selection and use of whitespace further simplifies the appearance of the wallet and enables users adapt to its facility.

Lead wallet employs authentication technologies to fortify security of user assets, it completely keeps the user in charge. You take the LEAD! Lead wallet’s security provides blockchain-level security to users’ assets. It does this in a unique fashion – Efficiency. To crown its simplicity and trustworthy security protocol, lead wallets infrastructures are furnished to provide top level efficiency. No hinges, no lags…just ‘zaps’. Fast performance, smooth navigation; it is everything a crypto lover hopes to feel while using a cryptocurrency wallet. One click does it, one second is enough.

Multi-asset investor? Welcome!

What is your cryptocurrency portfolio looking like? Oh wait; let me guess…two times actually. Majority of investors will fall amongst the first category, a tangible more will see themselves in the second category. Of course, every trader falls amongst the first category...most, to be on a more correct side. A diversifier or a maximalist?

Majority of cryptocurrency investors prefer to split the funds across a couple of crypto assets. Personally, this is me too. For several reasons, a diversified portfolio is a common practice in the cryptocurrency space. Why pick one when you can actually get as many as possible?

Regardless of which type of investor you are, lead wallet is home to every investor. Despite being in its early development stages, Lead wallet developers have integrated multi-asset technology to support safe keeping of various crypto coins and tokens with one password to guard them all. Users can also create separate wallets to store each asset.

Currently supported coins include, Tron(trx), bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Polkadot (DOT), Dash, Tezos, (XTZ), Binance coin (BNB), Stellar lumens (XLM), Zilliqa (ZIL), Celo, Ethereum(ETH) and ERC-20 token. The team is constantly adding to this list and hopes to include every possible asset on its platform.

Assets listed on lead wallet are eligible for all available services on the multipurpose wallet.

On-chain and Cross-chain swap service

Hey! If you are still going through all those hassles trying to buy cryptocurrencies, then fact is; you’re doing it the wrong way…or the hard way at least. Alright, maybe you don’t get it right, but you could save yourself some stress and do it the easier way. They say ‘shortcuts always come with sidecuts’, but that hasn’t always been the fact, this is another deviation from this regular assertion.

I get it, cryptocurrency swap service is a regular concept in the crypto space and you could easily name a couple of other platforms offering similar services, you may have a long list, but it’s futile when they are not really as effective as you wish.

Despite the fact that contemporary custodial exchanges are modifying their services to simplify using their platform for routine cryptocurrency swaps, one would still opt for an easier alternative…if they exist. The stress of creating user profiles on cryptocurrency exchanges is a huge turn-off for some cryptocurrency enthusiasts, especially when you’re addicted to the idea of ‘doing it faster’. For exchanges requiring KYC verification, this burden is multiplied.

Say no more! Lead wallet integrates with the best custodial exchanges to provide the best rate for your swap. with a simple user interface, efficient and secured swap service; lead wallet provides its users with the most secure means of buying cryptocurrencies and exchanging their already existing tokens with another desired coin/token. Lead wallet users can perform swaps between coins on different blockchain (Cross-chain swaps) and coins on the same blockchain (on-chain swap). It employs the atomic swap protocol for this feature.

Atomic swap is a smart-contract technology that enable the exchange of one cryptocurrency for another without using intermediaries, such as 3rd party exchanges. It occurs as smart-contract events within the respective blockchains involving only the exchanging parties in a cryptographically secure manner. With the atomic swap technology, the exchanging parties swaps their tokens while these tokens are still locked in their cold wallets. This ensures a safer and more reputable cryptocurrency trading.

Amongst a number of other exchanges, Lead wallet integrates the services of popular ethereum blockchain-based cryptocurrency swap protocol – Uniswap to allow users use the Uniswap platform from their mobile wallet.

Support for decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols

DeFi was unarguably the biggest buzz in the crypto space this year. Sweeping across the crypto space and the world outside it, DeFi presents a better way of running financial services. Decentralized financial system (DeFi) is an audacious move to decentralize core financial activities such as financial management, payment, investment, lending, and insurance. Decentralized financial (DeFi) systems comprises applications built on top of blockchains which facilitates permissionless financial services and provides a seamless option for running financial activities. DeFi hopes to introduce the core virtues of blockchain technology to the financial system.

DeFi projects are expanding the scope of financial systems, shifting the paradigm from ‘portable means’ of payments to smart contract applications running independently on a parent blockchain and offering advanced financial services such as insurance, lending, wealth management and an array of other financial management using blockchain resources and exhibiting desired blockchain features such immutability, security, privacy, speed and interoperability.

Diving deep into the DeFi ecosystem, Lead wallet developers have also integrated DeFi protocols into the lead wallet to enable users access and use these services from their wallet. Currently available are Uniswap protocol and Balancer. These two services allow users swap ERC-20 tokens across liquidity pools with blockchain-level security.

Lead wallet’s DeFi access is expanding and an integration with Compound finance is in the works. On integration, users will be able to earn interest on their ethereum holdings and other tokens for which this service is available.

A tokenized economy

Lead wallet token (LEAD) is the native token of the Lead wallet. It powers Lead wallet’s economy and supports its ecosystem to promote wallet use and incentivize user involvements. The lead wallet team has developed a confident scheme to grow the lead token and also fast-track the project’s growth through its token. Via a symbiotic growth scheme, the Lead wallet and its token will grow in value.

To grow its token, Lead wallet team injects 30% of profits from its wallet in a token buyback and burn program. Lead token has a total supply of just below one (1) billion, the lead wallet team plans to buyback and burn up to 70% of the total supply.

To grow the lead wallet via its token, Lead token will be used for discounts and other benefits when a user makes service purchases and payments inside the wallet application.

To incentivize holders of the lead token, the lead wallet team offers a staking program with 180% Annual Percentage Yield. Token holders are offered a way to earn a huge number of tokens from joining the token staking program. This increases the demand for the Lead token.

Looking bright: The future.

Well, I guess we said a whole lot already, fact is, Lead wallet brings in so much to the Cold wallet game. I must say, this whole article is just a ‘brush on the surface’. It would require a much longer piece to do justice to this amazing project. Despite being in its Beta stage, it already has much to offer.

Still in development, lead wallet application and its infrastructures are bound to grow rapidly in a short while. Regardless, the team is consistently adding more exciting features while furnishing existing features to work best for the users. Lead wallet’s development roadmap gives an insight on what the team plans on achieving with the project on the long term. This includes…

Fiat integration: Currently, Lead wallet’s cross-chain and on-chain swap service enable crypto-to-crypto exchange, this has delighted the users so much. To further simplify cryptocurrency transactions on the wallet, Lead wallet team is also working on adding fiat gateways to the wallet application to enable users buy cryptocurrencies directly from their local banks. This move will broaden users’ options of preferred means of purchasing cryptocurrencies from their wallet.

A marketplace: Lead wallet team is reportedly building a sophisticated hub for sale and purchase of goods and services on the lead wallet application. It hopes to power this platform with the Lead token and allow purchase of goods and services using the Lead token on its marketplace.

In-wallet staking service: Lead wallet team is also working on adding cryptocurrency staking facility on its platform. It plans to support various staking programs for Proof of Stake (POS) coins. This simplifies cryptocurrency staking and allow users earn from holding cryptocurrencies right on their Lead wallet.

Lead wallet is still in its earliest stages and its BETA version is available on Google playstore, iOS version and the web wallet are currently in the works.

Download the Lead wallet Beta version on PlayStore

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10 months ago
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10 months ago

I don't see Bitcoin Cash in there. Do they support it? If the Random Rewarder Bot or others tip you, can you use the wallet this site provides to that wallet?

Upvote just in case.

$ 0.00
10 months ago

Bitcoin cash is currently not supported, Lead wallet is still in its beta stage, support for bitcoin cash is currently in the works and others will follow soon. When support for BCH is added, you can easily withdraw your tips to the wallet.

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10 months ago

So... it's a custodial wallet then.

$ 0.00
10 months ago

No, not at all. Every wallet created on lead wallet is assigned a private key and a mnemonic phrase which is known to the owner alone. This completely secures your wallet.

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10 months ago

So what if I wanted to import my wallet to it then?

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10 months ago

Yes, with your private key you can import you already existing bch wallet when it is integrated into lead wallet. BCH support will be available later this year.

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10 months ago