Reject investment recommendation and still choose BCH

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1 year ago

A few days ago I was very busy because I had to travel with my family so I couldn't write articles so I could only do what my parents said,and interestingly I met an old friend of mine and he's known me for a long time.

When he met me, he saw that I was using a trading application but what I used was only to receive BCH only, not to receive anything else.

He recommended me Doge coin because he said it has a chance to go up and have a pretty big profit later.

But there I immediately said no to switch to another coin because I was comfortable with BCH or here I stood and struggled.

Whatever happens I will still choose BCH no matter what people say I will stick with BCH or

How can I turn away from one side that has changed my life from zero to this day and suddenly I have to turn to invest in Doge coin.

That's something I will never do, because I have to save and continue to invite everyone I know to invest in in order to increase transactions on blockchain.

$ 1.63
$ 1.58 from @TheRandomRewarder
$ 0.05 from @SocialSatoshi