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8 months ago

Hi, It's Kashif, a final year student of Doctor of Veterinary medicine.

Just got to know about this platform providing a great opportunity to develop writing skills and expressing the ideas about literally everything just as I saw the topics list it displays.

Well I have had an interest in writing. I can remember writing a 'Ghazal' you can say a poem during the 12th grade and my roommates in hostels appreciated that a lot. I am proud I could inspire one of them to writing poetry to this day successfully but I could not continue more as it were my last days there and I was to go doing preparation for medical entrance test.

My elder brother is a young journalist and a columnist in newspapers and I also wrote an article on an urdu website never to write again. I thought I was not professional and not good enough either to write.

Now with encouraging everyone and guiding to write, I could wake up my ghost of writing deeply sleeping inside.

I tried to write here but couldn't get a start and developed a bit of an anxiety about how can I write. It's not that simple i thought but it's possible and I am fully committed to writing now.

I have arranged a list of topics to write about and made some drafts too in trying to write and make a start. Good thing is that is also providing incentives in the form of money to write.

Looks like I will have to regularly study and do research for bringing forth a good and effective content for the readers. I am feeling the need to increase my intellectual abilities and knowledge.

I am happy and excited to make a mark here. I will want to be a regular and responsible member of this writing society but I will have to draw curtains on the story now. Until we meet again, Bye!

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