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Chinese rom com dramas worth watching or not?

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4 months ago

Its been a month since I started watching a lot of Chinese dramas on youtube(that’s the positive point of it)

Following is the list of some of Chinese dramas I have watched:

1. Please feel at ease Mr ling

2. Love scenery

3. Your are my hero

4. Moonshine and valentines

5. My dear guardian

6. I hear you

7. Party A who live beside me

8. Mysterious love

9. Love is sweet

10. Falling into your smile

11. Go ahead

12. My dear guardian

13. Memory of Encaustic tile

14. Our secret

15. Unforgettable love

And the most favourite of mine is Unforgettable love, You are my hero and My dear guardian

The stories are mostly about modern love, happiness and family love

Plus Points

Well c dramas are mostly fluffy, light and have less of suspense and hatred among rivals which are satisfying to watch personally due to very much study tension I prefer to watch such type of rom com stories to relieve my tension and enjoy the love between characters 

secondly they are mostly available on youtube which is very easy to watch as compared to other websites with a lot of ads

Negative Points

C dramas are virtually very smooth in conciliation between the main lead as I want a little of jealousy between the rivals which make the drama a bit spicy and even if something fishy happens between them it is solved within a second of drama which pulls out all the interest for the time being


Personally, I like C dramas very much, their food, clothes mostly covered, sensational love, technology and family love which is very mood relieving and satisfying to watch If you are into rom com Do watch them I recommend!!!

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Written by   2
4 months ago
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I already watched my dear guardian and you are my hero. These two movies really got me addicted that even if I watched all the episodes already, I still watched many times those short video clips in YouTube or Tiktok

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4 months ago

Yeah I too familiarised with Chinese series through TikTok and youtube shorts They are quite good as well as addicting

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4 months ago

I agree with you. The Cdrama that i really love the most is my dear guardian. I like Captain Liang and Dr. Xia's Chemistry in that Drama

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4 months ago

Yeah that army couple after watching that I really wanted to join army :)

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4 months ago

Really? Me I want to be a military doctor, hehehe

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4 months ago