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World delicate Heaven, "Women's Rights are Human Rights"

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3 months ago

Many readers can be asked this question, "Who is World Delicate Heaven in this Universe?". I am wanna ready to highlight the answer to this question. When a person is born in this world, he/she linked the Relationship of Father, mother, sisters, and brothers. If I am not wrong then the most precious one in all of these is the Relationship of Mother with Her Descendents. I am a kinda Muslim and know more worth about Women that are according to me, "World Delicate Heaven" of this universe. The respect, teaching, and love that I learned during my childhood want to share with you. I hope you will take more interest when more you read. This article is dedicated to my mom and especially Philippines Women to whom I know and their role in the whole World is adorable. I want to share the following outcomes with you.

  • 1) What is a Woman?

  • 2) Role of Women in Society

  • 3) Heaven Need Protection

  • 4)Why do I relate women with Delicate Heaven?

#What are Women?

Women are known as the sign of Spirituality, courage, strength, love, and Sacrifice. Without women, you can't imagine the bright future of the World. Women's role is directly related to any country's progress and development. They participate in different fields of the world like Chemists, Technologists, industrialists, Biologists, Scientists, medical officers, Security officers, etc. If I observe heaven anything in this world then the woman is my 1st choice. Either it is in the role of wife or in the role of mother in both cases you find her active, vigilant, brave, and every trait you can observe for a good thing, I find in her nature. All women are not educated but all knew how to play their rule in their Families.

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#Role of Women's in Society

Women can give rise to both good or bad Society. Why am I kinda giving both Credits to women?. I am right in the aspect, First School of Child where it learned everything is the lap of the mother. The woman is the factor of Society that is always debatable, discussed, loved, and hated everywhere. I am kinda can't ignore the role of women as a teacher, as a role model, as a Prime Minister, as Industrialist, as a doctor, as a Scientist, as a player, and as a good wife. A man's life is directly related to his Partner. If his partner is happy for him, his life is more than Heaven. Every under-developed Country is empowering the role of women by providing the same rights as men. They knew now women can work in the same position as men. In Earlier age, women were dependent on their Father's income and they have limitations for work. But now they are self-dependent to earn. I know many families in Pakistan where women are raising their kiddos themselves because either their husband had divorced them or they have left them. I am kinda felt very sad when I observe dishonesty and injustice to this innocent part of Society. I know in many Countries their rights are still in limitation and they are spending life in poverty. My huge and lot of applause for Philippines women who are ever best example of hard work. They didn't burden their Partner and most of their earning came from their hard work. If I can highlight and pay homage to great women of the world, then Benazir Bhutto, Mother Teresa, Lady Diana, and Jacinda Ardern. The way they played their roles in Society in the golden model for other women. They are idols for youth in the whole world to polish and sharpen their skills. Their role is always appreciable from Housewives to the best worker in the whole world. Their job is always perfect and well suited for them. You can say women are modern according to age but I always know their role is the same from their birth. Do you know?.

In the background History of about all Successful men is the role of Successful women. You kinda can't deny this.

In a well-educated and we'll develop Society, women's role can't be separated from the role of men's end of the debate.

#Heaven Need Protection

It is kinda natural Principle if we didn't care about the beautiful and Important part of the world, its shine first faded then disappeared. I am afraid the same can happen with this delicate Heaven. It is a sad perspective of the world even in developed countries, women are killed, burnt, fired, raped, and even hanged up without any sin. I can't believe if you don't control Crime of Poverty you should have no right to Criticize the innocent creature. We should accept and take the responsibility for the protection of this heaven. If it is beautiful and backbone in your progress, then it deserves all the rights as many men have. I request to United Nations there should be strict laws for women's rights that can be implemented in the whole world. Any country that violets or don't provide these laws should be eradicated from the united nation platform, penalties should be charged and many restrictions from other world countries should be applied. My Heaven needs such protection where free air and freedom of all rights it deserved should be provided.

I kinda want the rights which Islam provides to them should be focused on by the UN as many other things they implemented from this religion. Following rights are most needed to every woman.

  • 1) Educational Rights

  • 2) Marriage Rights

  • 3) Citizen Rights

  • 4) Self-esteem rights

Women bloom with Smile when she gets her rights

#Why I related Woman with Delicate Heaven?

If anyone observes the nature of this gender you will find the perfect suitcase of every Positive feature. She has great patience, great beauty, great love, great respect, and a great heart that is all. Heaven is a place where everyone can find the comfort of mind and heart. Everything you needed can be provided by Heaven. It has all the facilities that one needed for a happy life. It can't grow you old and you will remain young forever. Heaven is the perfect place to spend life. If you observe all these aspects ars in abundant in nature of women. According to Muhammad (SAW) last prophet of Islam:

"Heaven is under the footstep of Mother".

It kinda ended of debate about why I related this Gender to Heaven. If you are fond of getting heaven, if you are fond of observing and seeking heaven, just watch above and look towards your mother.

These are the something that I want to spread about this beautiful gender I already have written in my words. Many things can be added many pages can be turned into completion by writing about this heaven, but my time and busy life restricted me to do that. I try my best to write about this topic again in the next episode with a story. I hope my humble words give you a good perspective to apply and a beautiful picture to read.

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Written by   35
3 months ago
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Women is another name of service she serves as mother, as sister, as wife and as daughter. Women now a days doing work shoulder to shoulder with men in every field of life. But in few parts of the world they are not secure due to gender violence and discrimination

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3 months ago