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Some Dreams Are Past and Some Are Future

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3 months ago

Hey! Dr.Zak is here to discuss very elegant Article about Dreaming. Have you thought,"Your daily life is directly or indirectly connected with your dreams". After reading my article you will be able to know about following aspects of dream.

  • 1)What is dream?

  • 2)Some of My Dreams that are now my Past

  • 3)Some of My Dreams that are my Future

  • 4)What Learning I get from Dreams?

Dreams that are past and future

#What is Dream?

Every desire that is produced in your heart in process of completion is called dream. For dreaming you have not to sleep. For Dreaming you have never to sleep and work hard and hard. If you observe Successful people they wanna never make any compromise on thier dreams. Some take help from education and some through their carrier taste. It is actually dream that is marker of your destination. It guides you It motivates you It instructs you and It leads you for big Pathway. I always follow the doorsteps of great people like Quiad-Azam, Luther King and Mark Zuckerberg etc to shine my destination for completion of my dream. It is upto you either you make your dream your past or you make it your Future. Anyways, don't make compromise on your dream. These Words are always Motivation and strength for me before I dream anything.

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.

Dream for This Heavenly Environment

#What are my dreams that are part of my past?

If I count then my memory would not cope to rememberer all of them that are my past part and I am sad I was not able to complete them. I want to share three big dreams here that are my past part.

  • 1) When I borne might be my parents make a desire our baby will be a doctor or we shall make him doctor. But when I was about five years able to punctuate the words spoken by my Family. My Parent decided by their firm faith our baby would be a human doctor. This was all because of my interest towards medicine and behavior when any doctor encounters our side. My taste was absolute like a doctor. I am not bragging like that It is reality. At the age when many babies and child want toys I want Stathoscope, thermometer and Saphagnomanometer. My Parents were not in wonder because already my mother predicted this. I tried my best when I attempted three times a test for MBBS admission but I failed, failed and failed. Either it was a big failure?. Yes, it was big Failure and break of thoughts that I avail that I get from my parents and dreams. I kinda felt sad till today because it was not only my big dream but also it was dream of parents as well. Nothing can be changed what is written in your fate. It was my fist big dream that is part of my past.

My Childhood Stathoscope that I received from my Uncle
  • 2) Once I was a student in College life. I used to walk for college. When I observed students riding on motter-bikes and cars. I also dream for a bicycle. But unfortunately my family was not able to support me financially. We were not good financially. I spent my whole College life in Dreaming of bicycle that I never able to achieve. Till today when I ride bicycle I can remember this big dream and how much keen I was. It was my 2nd big dream that is now my past.

  • 3) Once I have crush on a girl. She was my college fellow. I was hard working Student. She likes hard working Guys in College. We always set together, talk together, Lunch together, study together and want to merry together. I also proposed her and showed my desire of marriage with her. She talked to her Family. But her Family due to my poor financial background hit me hard and not show their consent. She sacrificed me for their family. Till today with my broken heart, I can feel all the feelings that I once I had for her. It was big dream to marry her. But it was 3rd dream that make the part of my past life.

These all are three big dreams where I get 0% Success in love, in attaining admission for MBBS and in getting a Bicycle. Past dreams hit me hard and make me cautious for any mistake in my present. I am not a person who wait for time to be true every thing. I am kinda type of person who always strive for his best and never wait for time. I run smoothly after these failures. And make the past dreams as a past of my life.

#How Some dreams are my Future?

Every time you desire for new thing. In every sleep you dream for new destination. Same happen with me. I always take guide from my dreams for my future. Sometimes, I get Success but sometimes I get lesson. There are following big dreams that I want to Complete before my life Completed on this Planet.

  • 1) It is my Future dream I have assets from God's blessings that would be helpful for me in getting my dreams. I want my parents will visit Khanaaa-Kaba. It is God's Second house on this planet earth. In each religion there are separate sacred places. And I kinda respect all religions. I am Muslim so I am taking about like a Muslim. I want my parents in their visit pray and offer Hajj. It is my life biggest dream. In our Religion, it is stated,"After offering Hajj, God will forgive your sins". I want to observe my parents in Heaven after my death. They do a lot of hard work for me. I know when they worship in Khanaaa-Kaba they will feel a lot of happiness and surely pray for me.They breath for me. I kinda can't replace their love by my little efforts but I can say thanks and cope with them for Making their life best. May God help me in achieving this big dream. This is my big dream of Future that you can ranked it on number one.

  • 2) I want to be a good Veterinarian and want to lead the whole world through my BCH vet clinic. I can feel better being a vet, I can better understand the feelings of humans as well. I learnt from my religion about rights of animals.I want to visit three countries Australia, New-Ze-land, Philpines for my reasrch and want to learn about their culture and for their way of living in this world. I surely have these dreams and I am sincere to my these dreams And I shall get my this big dream one day. It is not impossible for me now a days because I know my BCH Community guide me a lot through this platform as well.

  • 3) I want to get my BCH love in my wallet as much as I can. I want to be a human servant through BCH. I want to be a man who will help the whole world and shall help every needy person through BCH. I have 0.07 BCH in my wallet. Let us see and watch how much time it will require to get my dream to turn it into reality. I shall be waiting for such a feeling and Excitement of having one BCH. I am hopeful and I shall be able to get one BCH soon. May Allah help me in getting this dream into reality.

My 0.07BCH in my Coinbase Wallet

#Learning that I get from my dreams:

Dreaming is not bad Habbit. I say here for big target you have to dream big. Some people dream bad, this bad fish can't make bad to whole pond. It is their own Fault. Already I described you dreams are directly or indirectly connected to our thinking. So we should make our thinking pure and genuine. Our thinking would be supportive to our dreams. For good thinking we need such an environment so we should adopt a good company as well. For completion of our dreams we don't adopt short Pathway. Our destination route can be thorne connecting but our actions and movement would be Gradually and smoothly. It is a good real example for you dear reader. So make most of your dreams your present. Dreams should not be part of your past not be the part of your future. It should be part of your present. I hope it will be guiding marker for you. You will not be heart-broken, you will not be fatigued from your past dreams, you will not be sad from your past dreams and you will be the person who make his/her present dreamer turning into reality.

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Written by   35
3 months ago
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Hey there doctor, I just followed you now. Hope to read more from you 😁

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3 months ago

Yeah! I tried my best to entertain and give you a lot learning from my side. Thanks

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