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My Trip to BCH City

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3 months ago

I am kinda too much excited and happy to visit BCH City. First when listening to its name, "BCH City" I was thinking it would be on Mars or Moon, and a person like me would not be able to visit this city. Everything is connected to your interest and taste. I am a big fan and lover of BCH. I just continue my research about this site, finally, I am Successful in getting a good trip to this city. I am thankful for all the sources that help me in visiting this beautiful City where BCH rain is splashing. I am happy to meet with Jeremy who helped me in visiting World-leading Crypto City. Although Access to this city was tough I make it possible with my passion and Sincerity to this Crypto. I want to share some information for all users if they want to visit this city, they can do this by just reading my complete article.

  • 1) Introduction about BCH City

  • 2) How did I get my trip to this City?

  • 3) What I learned from this Trip about BCH?

  • 4) How can I register myself for Trip?.

  • 5) My dream and desires linked to BCH

BcH City (

#Introduction to BCH City

BCH is a brand Crypto containing all the points for its users. Its central them and idea are allocated in beautiful Country, "Australia" the country of Kangaroos. It is kinda much fascinating that many Crypto Communities take the start and like to residence in America and Australia. In Australia, there is a coastal city in Northeastern Queensland know as Townsville. Its prier and water park are so much popular in the world. Its reef has both Aquarium of Marine life and corals. That is why I think this brand Crypto decided for its allocation to this City. In Townsville, You can observe the banners, QR codes, and Pamphlets of BCH for its Awareness and advertisement. With these BCH accessories, you can find the pamphlets and Banners of Companies that support this Crypto including Shopping Malls and Pizza Huts. People of this city are well-educated and know ABC of this Crypto. They want to save time when the digital world is kinda already have been Launched and Corona can spread with hard money. Everywhere you can observe Crypto Investors and Traders but BCH has a special corner and place in their hearts and Malls. Don't miss any opportunity to visit this Crypto city in your life. I can say BCH Crypto City is Townsville the way they Impressed from their decorations and love for this Crypto.

#How do I get my Trip to this City?

It is kinda desire of every Crypto lover to visit the place where the Lords of Crypto present. I got up early in the morning and after wishing good morning on noise. cash. I took bath and well-prepared myself for the trip. I ate an affordable breakfast for my abdomen because I have to travel a lot and lots of images and thoughts were in my mind. I checked all my luggage and everything that will need on my journey.

#Journey Start with Excitement

As I set on the Vehicle of BCH, my Excitement, my feelings, and my emotions find no limit. I was dancing in my heart. Many Strategies were in my brain. To Whom I shall meet 1st?. Is BCH City give me a chance to ask something? Should I purchase something about BCH like a shirt or Frame or cap?. What about the Lucky draw for the winner?. Many thoughts make heterogeneity in my mind I was kinda amazed to think all of the questions and plans. It was a tough and long journey from Pakistan to Australia. But I did it with my BCH passport and BCH Vehicle. The excitement level was increasing as my BCH vehicle was going near BCH City. At last, I reached this beautiful city after a journey of many days and nights, this was the whole environment that I find there.

#Commencement of Conference in a Mall decorated by BCH officials

After getting rest for a while, I prepared myself physically and mentally for the Conference hall. 1st Person, I met with Jeremy who warmly welcomed me. He was the 1st Person who introduced me to his YouTube Channel as well. I liked and subscribed to this Because of his attractive content present there. We were formally talking to one another, sooner I find all the lights put off and there was a colorful scene on the screen with the following Lyrics to increase the excitement of the audience present there. The whole hall was full of a crowd of BCH lovers and everyone was enjoying the environment. Suddenly I listened to the sound of the Following lyrics I hope you will enjoy this.

It’s DeFi baby

We’re coming for you banks

I wasn’t born last night

I know that money ain’t right

But I was coding up the future last night

And you were busy hating with your stupid friends online

That the Federal Reserve

Stealing pay checks straight outta your purse

Today they got a dollar

Tomorrow got nine

Your savings are in dollars

And your value in decline

Google it

Knowing Federal Reserve

Printer going brrrrrrrrrr

But it seems that you ain’t heard


Cash in the bank

Now where you think it goes?

You stupid little fuck

You trust the government shows?

While the rich banks rob ya

Robbin’ you blind man

Future dollars can’t buy nothing for ya

You’ve heard of inflation, right?

Banks fucked you royal

Had fun at the bank recently?

So why you loyal?

Real talk

Time to crypto switch

Crypto switch

That’s BCH bitch

BCH bitch

Dollars keep the bankers rich

Bankers rich

It’s on you to choose which


Get a phone wallet

Buy a few bits

Go out and pay for shit with it

Things change, think of marijuana


GameStop stock, same as that brah

Online, buy drugs

Buy drugs

No guns, no thugs

No no thugs

You living in a money trap

Get yourself a crypto app


While the rich banks rob ya

Rob you babe

Future dollars can’t buy nothing for ya

Nothing oooh

Banks fucked you royal

Oooooh no

So why you loyal?

Yeah yeah

Young girl with her student debt


Nothing paid yet

Get into it, by the way

Bankers up in this Wharf printing more dollars

I know girl

That you’re not an expert in finance

That’s a no-no girl

Endless money from thin air

You never stood a chance

No chance

Join the crypto switch

Just switch

That’s BCH bitch

Sup bitch

Dollars keep the bankers rich

So rich

It’s on you to choose which


While the rich banks rob ya

Rob you babe

Future dollars can’t buy nothing for ya

No nothing, oooooh

Banks fucked you royal

State sponsored criminal enterprise

So why you loyal?

Yeah yeah yeah yeah

Fraud got bigger

Crypto got slicker

Banks got sicker

Bail outs got bigger

You staying poor while banks are getting richer

System is rigged

Starting to get the picture?

Me and LD here to trade with ya

Peer-to-peer crypto can save ya


Let’s talk about these coins that I’m carrying

Bitcoin Cash like I’m a fucking finance heretic,

Shout out Roger Ver

Cold wallets unspent

Earn crypto, price check

Shit you know you got regret

Fees so high no one trades with it

Miss me with that orange Bitcoin


This ain’t a rap for the blind, deaf, dumb

It’s a plea to my mum

There’s a reason the world’s forever in debt

Take your savings and run

Open your ears, please don’t stay numb

Crypto’s easy and fun

Banks leech your savings every single day

’Til the value is none

While rich banks rob ya

Earning dollars ain’t got no future for ya

Banks fucked you royal

Go get disloyal

While rich banks rob ya

Saving dollars ain’t got no future for ya

Banks fucked you royal

Go get D1$L0YAL

Satoshi Nakamoto gave humanity a miraculous gift

A chance to be free of the banking system, forever

Now’s our shot

Let’s take it

Shout out to Marc de Mesel

Satoshi’s Angels

Full node devs

Yeah fuck the banks man

BCH Gang


#BCH Podcast first Speech:

In October 2008, in the depths of the global financial crisis, the world changed forever when Satoshi Nakamoto published the Bitcoin white paper, a technical specification for a free-market online currency not operated by a government, central bank, corporation or individual. A couple of months later, in January 2009, Satoshi released working source code of his idea to allow anyone in the world to join the network and Bitcoin was born. This was an incomparable gift that humanity is still struggling to comprehend. In July 2013, Jeremy heard about Bitcoin from a friend (price, roughly ~$450 / Bitcoin), read the white paper, and immediately became convinced it would become the world's reserve currency. Despite explaining this fanatically to anyone within earshot for several years, he was largely ridiculed or ignored. In August 2017, after several years of community debate and turmoil known as "The Blocksize War", the "original" Bitcoin split into Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Jeremy immediately sold all of his BTC for BCH, as the latter was clearly the world changing project described by Satoshi, but then became distracted with personal issues and disillusioned with internal squabbling in the BCH community. In November 2020, Jeremy noticed the BCH community had successfully fought off several internal takeover attempts from groups that would become the separate cryptocurrencies "Bitcoin SV" and "eCash". Once again, Bitcoin Cash had proven its uncontrollable nature and unstoppable path to becoming the global reserve currency.Shortly after, in January 2021, Jeremy started The Bitcoin Cash Podcast.Bitcoin Cash is the "real" Bitcoin that Jeremy fell in love with so long ago. It is the world's most sound form of money (adhering to the necessary tenets of money: scarcity, durability, fungibility, portability, divisibility and recognisability), and its most efficient payment network (no other cryptocurrency can offer as cheap transactions at global scale). No one owns or controls it (it is decentralised), and everyone is equally free to participate in it.These factors make it inevitable that the entire world will voluntarily adopt Bitcoin Cash as their chosen money. Due to the power of exponential growth and network effects, Jeremy expects this process to be completed by 2045 or earlier.

The Bitcoin Cash Podcast is a project by Jeremy, with four aims:

  • To accelerate adoption by explaining how and why Bitcoin Cash will become the world's money

  • To make news updates on the project accessible to all adopters (not everyone has time to follow it religiously)

  • To serve as a historical record of a once in millenia event (global adoption of a new money)

  • To make this historic social revolution an interesting and entertaining one to partake in

  • Starting out as a podcast, it has since evolved to encapsulate music production, art and this informational website.Besides his obsession with Bitcoin Cash, Jeremy likes electric guitar, the beach and trash talk.

I enjoyed the speech of the Podcast very well. It increases my Knowledge and all crowd appreciates the speaker. Words of appreciation and Clipping I listened from all sides present in Auditorium. Many speakers came and present their presentations about BCH. These were all the things that I learned from this platform. I was feeling Hunger pangs so decided to turn towards Dining Hall.

#What I learned from this BCH City Trip?

No doubt, it was a fantastic experience and tour in this Corona Pandemic. I learned a lot of things that I kinda want to share with you here, I hope you will enjoy this.

  • 1)BCH has the full potential of fast Transaction.

  • 2)BCH is a fork of BTC but it is real bitcoin.

  • 3) People who think BCH is a spammer coin, need to Search about it.

  • 4) BCH has no brand name and Hashtags but it does not need by the world.

  • 5) BCH has easy trading coin rather than BTC whose price is already high to be traded.

  • 6) BCH through microtransaction gaining value and status in the market.

  • 7) BCH just like Twitter has wonderful modern platform noise. cash and read. cash that is organized by Simon and funded by MarcdeMessel.

  • 8) If I invested in Crypto then BCH would be my 1st priority to invest.

These are the kinda new lessons of the chapter of BCH that are now printed on my brain.



The whole trip that I mentioned here is today's experience from BCH Clip Youtube Channel to BCH City websites. This journey didn't happen in real but I am kinda hopeful about this after COVID finish.

#How can I register myself for the BCH City Trip?

It is easy to register for the BCH City trip. Following steps, you have to follow for your booking if they allow you.

  • 1) Visit the site(

  • 2) Register Yourself with the help of documents they needed.

  • 3) Wait they will contact you after registration for further processes.

  • 4) You should keep in mind the two kinds of Tickets available

  • 1) Standard Ticket of 439$

  • 2) VIP ticket 659$

Through these protocols, you can make yourself eligible for the tour.

#My Dreams and Desires linked to BCH

I am kinda too much excited and enjoyed writing all the Scenes that happen In my imagination after visiting the BCH City site. The visit to this site is still closed due to COVID. I want to visit this platform. For this, I have written in my diary as a remembrance and also decided to collect my "$" reward worth of BCH. Of Course, as many investors in BCH want to be millionaires and billionaires. The same happens with my dreams and desires.

Donations Wallet Adress for BCH Podcast

You can donate as much as you can for BCH Podcast, here is their wallet address for donations.



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Written by   35
3 months ago
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