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My Globe has Blanket of Feelings

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3 months ago
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Hey! Dr.Zak is here to discuss a new Topic named "Our Globe has Blanket Of feelings". We lived in Asia. And Asians are surrounded by all kinds of feelings. They didn't know how to control them. If we were able to control them we can be successful in the whole world. In comparison to the Southern and Northern World, people are not circulated by feelings. Mainly they rely on the brain. Sorry If I am not Criticizing anyone but is research on Asia people. Before any prolonged debate, Let me start a beautiful feelings-related article with the following outcomes for your learning and my improvement.

  • 1) What are feelings? And its types.

  • 2) My Love feelings with broken stories

  • 3) What have I learned from these feelings?

  • 4) How can We control love feelings?

My Globe having blanket of feelings(

# What are feelings?

The feeling is the emotional reaction of the body due to stress, happiness, sadness, torture, aggression, or any other mental condition that is infinite time difficult to control. With feelings, the world is most popular and colorful. The feeling can cause even the death of a person if they cause the heavy pressurized conditions.

Feeling in Darkness can be a connection of a thousand thought

#Types of Feelings

If we observe something in the world, every social media or even the most popular app Facebook has the following types of feelings.

  • 1)Love Feelings

  • 2) Care feelings

  • 3) Blessed feelings

  • 4) Aggressive Feelings

  • 5) Wonder Feelings

Feelings are surrounded by Emojis

There are so many types of feelings but I broadly classified all of them into two types.

  • 1) Positive feelings

  • 2) Negative Feelings

#My Love Feelings with many Broken Stories

1)It was kinda my 8th from where love feelings started. I was attracted to a Shy, gorgeous, and comely girl. We always set together to share thoughts mostly of house problems. Sometimes we discuss and talk about routine work but often our debate contains study material. We learned and grow longer and longer. In no time our love Relationship has its 3rd anniversary and we were in 11th Grade. Unfortunately, many misunderstandings developed due to her parents. As her parents were not agreed to our marriage due to caste issues. Yeah! In Pakistan with many issues like Financial issues and Status issues caste was also a big issue. I cried louder and louder but what could happen when her parents were not agreed with me. This Relationship ended up when her parents fixed her marriage to a guy who was his cousin. This was 1st time my heart was broken.

2)My second broken story started in university life where one girl proposed to me in a Tutorial class. We were from different groups and I resist and limited myself from acceptance of this proposal due to previous hard experience. And still, its wounds were not recovered. I want to take time seriously I can't want to break her heart. On the very next day when I did not accept the proposal, she tried to commit suicide. I hardly prevented her from this action by plucking flowers and gave her to stop her from drinking Poison. We were in a Relationship here throughout for 3 years. But I was kinda too innocent due to her innocent behavior I couldn't realize she was playing with me and my body. Rather than words feelings, she attached to me Physically. In the end, I realized that she is already engaged with an engineer. That night, It was kinda sky that fell upon me and I was full entrapped in the earth. I fist time Physically hurt my body by making different cuts on my body. It was the second time got hurt without realizing it.

3)After few months, my globe was still looking liked infilled and a new love story entered my life. This time she was my cousin. I was a DVM doctor and she was a Nursing student. Our Families had a hard bad apple with each other that we already know. But she described to me that She wanted and loved me from childhood. This time I didn't take her talks seriously Because I had got great learning from previous experiences. She tried her best to tackle me with her pamper talk and green words. She even told me to e she wanted my Relationship till heaven means after death. I was 1st surprised but I kinda knew she was just exposing what is in her heart and what is in her mind I am and even she is not aware of. It was kinda Monday when she called me and talked me that her mother fixed a ring on my finger and tips in my ear forcefully by saying, "Now you have to think about Her Aunt's son, he is your future husband". I was habitual and this incident didn't hurt me a lot. I accepted the reality with little sadness that my cousin broke my heart and she also wanted to play with me. This time I not cried but I listened to the songs the whole night with demise and hopeless feelings for love. This was kinda third hard time when my heart was broken into pieces. And it has a house full of pains full of complaints full of dreams. We human beings came into this world to face deceives. When we deceive others why do we forget that this world is circular and everything that we dig for others we also sometimes falls into them? I believe and Always forgive all who play with me and broke my heart.

"As you sow, so shall you reap".

And I believe one day they will get their fruits and I shall get my fruits from God. Although I have compliant but rather than this I always pray for their good present and good future. This is how I treated the people who hurt me and even played with me.

Just like this glass, my heart has many of these views

#What I learned from these feelings?

Truly speaking the chapters of love that one student learned in books, I got their practical exposure during my youth. I was broken again and again. Now I am hardly even any lover try his/her best to disturb me in feelings of love, I kinda don't be able to weep one tear for him/her. I kinda now don't believe in these feelings. Most of the attractions people named as love. I have a love concept for One and a Huge immortal thing that is God. For God, we should have love and thanks and even in His love, He blessed us with more blessings and His love is also immortal. Alhamdulillah, I am His Love and now I am more satisfied with Him. I have calmness of mind and quietness of heart. The battle of feeling once upon a time I lost on every night, can't be fought now. Now I have holy feelings with Sacred Allah. I shall advise every reader to follow things.

  • 1) Don't trust anyone.

  • 2)Give their maximum time and love to parents because they deserved more than any other thing in this world.

  • 3) Just Love to those who deserve who are ready to breathe for you.

  • 4) Most of my opinion avoid mortal love and attached your love with God. He will bless you with all the things you desire Because he is king and creator of this universe.

Best care feelings in this world are by our parents

#How can we control our Feelings?

This is the question for which I have broken my heart two times then I got the real learning. Make your life buys for the target for which you are oriented. Don't waste your feelings and emotions on anyone. Always think positively avoid all the negative thinking. Don't be jealous of other's love. You should make your proper schedule like a schedule for study, sports and even for movies. Don't rely on anyone. Make your comfort niche. Don't share your feelings with those who hurt you. This is how I controlled my feelings and I learned after 5 years of broken Relationship stories. I am kinda advised on all the things that I learned. My Globe is fed up with feelings. Most of them are love Feelings. For anything, you want to learn and ask feel free to comment. I am now a good read. Cash user so thanks this platform that makes a comfortable niche in my heart also.

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Written by   35
3 months ago
Topics: Feelings, Love, Story, Thought, Noise.Cash, ...
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