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"May" brought me new life for sBCH community

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2 months ago

Dated: Mon, May 2

Our Life is a bed of thorns where you have to bear although you didn't deserve.

My above quotes are the real words that depicts my last month busy life. In this article I want to show you how much busy I was and where my life was excercising me. It was really tough indeed. I want to highlight following things that will not only be a motivation for you but also be a lesson for you in future life.

  • Last Month Adventure

  • is only platform where I was active

  • sBCH projects where I also spent my time

  • Last but not least I invested my BCH in different projects

Last Month Adventure

During start of April, I was engaged on a job with 12+ hours duty. Here it is too hot to work. But for big dreams you have to sacrifice a lot. I was higher on farm job where my duty was in health section. Daily mastitis, lameness and LDA cases were a great trail for me. I didn't see any cow in trouble. I checked every herd on a shed and this inspection gave me a lot of good results because many cases were recovered in their initial infections. I hope in future there will be a farm with Australian cow breed marketing with BCH because it will be good trading and will be fast in milk, butter, meat and cheese purchasing. My picture in farm where I was assigned a duty to check cows on milking parlor.

Working mood in Milking Parlor

Noise.Cash is only Platform where I was active

When you are addicted to content writing then you can't leave this Habbit. So I remain active on @noise.cashs I learn from any platform. Now I am 1.5 old years there and I am very familiar with most of good users and try to learn there. If you are newbie I have few hints for you.

  • is content writing platform

  • You should follow its basic rules to be good users.

  • Don't cry if you are not able to get free tips like me I am not able to get FT from platform but I enjoyed.

  • It rewarded you in BCH and don't waste your reward in fiat conversion. At the end of article I shall guide you where you should invest this BCH for passive income.

  • This platform is not your job replacer.

  • Be interactive and humble to others.

I want to thanks this platform where I get reward and invested in many projects. My most of passive income was used to pay my university fee and expenditure of my life style.


sBCH projects Where I spent my most of time

I love to sBCH community when and where I needed I found this community very generous. I was too active on Discord and on Telegram where I learnt a lot. My only formula before I invested in any projects. I read their roadmap and try to know who is owner of the project and If it is trustable person then I like to invest. So Guys follow below formula for your BCH.>BCH-->sBCH-->NFTs+Tokens

First of all must read roadmap and invest what you can afford to be lost.

Last But not least I invested my BCH in Different projects

First of all, I kinda want to mention projects that really wasted my BCH and was a bad experience to invest in them. I want to mention them for my learning. Here are these projects:

  • Wojak.NFTs

  • Modern Fairy


  • Tropical.NFTs

These all were my bad investment but this is what we learned from our experience.

I love to invest in following projects that really gave me more pail of BCH. Yeah what I invested it became three or four time for me in next few days.

So I kinda advised you, if you are small investors like me then simply trade your NFTs and token for a good reward. Here are projects that are best for me and even for my investment.

  • LawPunks

  • Reapers

  • Thornes Queens

  • PGC , Shorai and Kensho

  • Spice


These all NFTs are good not only in roadmap but also in reward. I earn more and more in these projects. I kinda thanks to owner of these projects who gave us rare art and made our investment three to four times. I happily love and try to invest in their next projects like

  • Thrones Kings

  • Gaming, Casino and staking

  • Moodies


I was busy due to above reasons and believe me I didn't have time to write more. Thanks to @Club1BCH who motivated me to write again. And now I am here to get experience of sBCH projects.

Thanks to my sponsor @btcfork one and only person in my sponsor block.

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Written by   48
2 months ago
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