Happy Cat Day To BCH Community,Did You observe it Yesterday?

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Hey! Dr-Zak is here to discuss "Happy Cat Day to all ,Did you observe it".It was Aug 8 Tomorrow, when Cat Day was observed in whole World.In this regard many world best Veterinarian provide guidance and awarness about its Management and Care.I am also vet so I want to share with you following things,every pet lover must read this.

  • 1)Happy Cat day to Whole World

  • 2)Introduction

  • 3)Basic information for Cat Lover

  • 4)Good Management Requirement

  • 5)Cats Likes and Dislikes

#Happy Cat day to BCH Community

We have a pair of Tom and Queen.They are our partner from 2018.They are old but more beautiful and docile now.As it was special day,I washed and groomed them.As I today after my Clinic job for their look after,I observed just like they are wishing me like,"Happy cat day to Dr-Zak and BCH Community".I always like to buy their food through BCH rewards.The left Tom is Herry and Right one Queen is Jerry.They are Persians by breed and twins from same mother.But we arrange a wedding for them before one year.They are just like husband and wife now.


Cats are mamalian Species of Family Felidae .All its other members are wild so this point predict it evolved from Wild Species.It is only specie that is domesticated as well as Wild.Its other Family members include Tigers, Cheetah,Hounds etc.Many Human love this domesticated species and Even love them like their sons/duaghters.So cats are also known as Human Companies.They are human social pets.

#Basic Information about Cats

Cats are mammals like Human they milk their Kittens.Cats are Carnivores,its mean they are meat feeder.Many pets lover keep them on milk and bread.I am against this,you should provide them but with it should a weighted amount of meat also.They are sessional breeds.Many owners and cat lovers claimed that they bred thier cats one week ago but it is not pregnant.What Could be the reason?.I recommend you all Please check first is it cat breed season?.Otherwise,Tom has spikes on copulatory organ that can bleed your cat reproductive tract.So becareful about it.A cat shows estrous sing at the age of 4 months and thier breeding session is Feb-october.So confirm it ,Is your cat is of 4 month of age? and second is your cat is in breeding session?.Its estrous signs remains for 24-48 hours.

#Good management and Care

You should make a good schedule for your cat on which everything should be done.You can give it Kitten feed with meat once or twice in a week.You should wash them with fresh water that is sterilized on a fixed time.You should use good lotion I shall recommend you use branded Shampoo or Lotion.Comb their hairs daily with the use of oil.This habbit make the coat of your coat shiny and good looking.Don't set your cat free any wild Tom can harm it.Use a good with Hygiene environment room for them.Regular take care for their bath and clean the environment where they lived.Even Groom your cat as she likes.

#Cats Likes Vs Dislikes

A pet lover should be like a mother.I mean he will be able to learn cat's every moments and every behaviours.

Cats likes to eat Pigeons and Hens meat mostly.Don't give your cat with the cooked and semi-cocked meat with bones.It can cause diarrhoea and highly Dislikes by cats.Don't irritate your cats with things thay don't like.Cats likes to sleep over soft and cold places.Cats likes to drink Milk.It likes to free environment rather than cage.It likes to play with Toys and human kiddos are thier best partner.

Cats don't like thier food or anything replaced without their consent.They don't like Spicy and Citrous things.Cats don't like to live alone and in cages.

I hope this information prove you helpful for your fur in growth and management. Any Question regarding cats you can ask me in Comment section.

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