World's 2 Largest & Top Rewarding Freelancing Platforms

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I am Dr Faiz Ullah Amezai ,I observed all members on are writing mostly on Cryptocurrency , but I decided to give a knowledge of 2 most excellent websites where you can work and have more then your expectations.

What is Freelancing & what are 2 best Freelancing Websites or platforms for rewarding in world ?

Freelancing is basically an independent , self employed and part time job or employment for short time.

Due to COVID freelancers number increased too much and much companies around the world started providing freelancing jobs .There are 1200000 ( 1.2 billion) freelancers in world currently.

There are many freelancing websites in world but I will describe world 2 largest freelancing websites or platform where you can get rewards from few dollars to few hundred and thousands dollars according to your ability and skills.

1) Fiverr

2) Upwork

What is Fiverr ?

It's a freelancing platform , online marketing website where you sell your services in which you are expert and people buy these services from you and you get paid in US dollars.

In short words ,Fiverr is like a huge market centre where you open a shop ( account ) and can sale items or services ( called gigs ) in which you have skills and little experience.

You can creat upto 7 gigs on Fiverr without any status but for level one seller you can create 15 gigs and for level two seller you can create 20 gigs.

Working style of Fiverr ?

There are two groups or side on Fiverr

1) Freelancer as seller : Freelancers work as seller and sell their skills in exchange of rewards according to the ability of your skills.

2) Client as buyer : Buyers are persons who need your service , they will try to find the freelancers then need.

List of 20 Jobs or Money Earning Skills on Fiverr

Fiverr is one of largest online marketing and freelancing platform which gives opportunity for different skill and experience categories of people , top 20 Jobs are below

Main money earning skills on Fiverr where you can complete your dreams.

1) Article Writing : We members of ,you have good basic knowledge of it and we must be thankful to to provide such opportunity.

2) Website Development

3) Translation

4) Graphic Designing

5) Social Media Marketing

6) Virtual Assistant

7) Influencer Marketing

8) Proof reading and Editing

9) Making Jewellery

10 ) Traveling Planner

11) Social Media Page Set up

12) Financial Consultation

13) Language Teaching

14) Viral Promotor

15) Description Writing of Products

16) Copy Writing

17) Video Creating for Greetings

18) As compain

19) Designation of Books Cover

20) Tips To Patents

History of Fiver & Net Worth of Fiverr?

Fiverr is an Israel website founded by Shai Winingar and Micha Kaufman .It was launched on February 2010.

Fiverr net worth of 23rd December 2021 is 4.22 billions dollars.

Fiverr net worth from June 2019 to December 2021

What is Upwork ?

It's is an American freelancing platform or online marketing website and job platform where clients from all over the world post projects and jobs.

In short words Upwork is a online workplace which connects the freelancers , independent skills and agencies with businesses.

What is Upwork working style ?

Working Style Of Upwork?

Here Upwork have same working style like Fiverr

1) Freelancer

2) Buyer

But difference is that on Upwork clients post a job , for which freelancer file a cover letter and specific application and during job you have to be specific for it.

But on Fiverr you are not specific to any job, you can sell different services at one time.

List of 20 Jobs on Upwork

Upwork is one of larger freelancing platform which provides good jobs to experienced and skilled people , there are too much jobs but I only listed 20 of them as below.

Main skills on Upwork where you can work and earn much money then your expectations.

1) Article Writing : Read.Cash helping us too much for development of article writing skill, that's why I prioritized it in list

3) Web Designer

4) Java Script Development

5) Graphic Designing

6) Logo Designer

7) Product Management

8) Social Media Marketing

9) As Virtual Assistant

10) Entry Of Data

11) Email Communication

12) Customer Service

13) Product Listings

14) As Organizer

15) Maintenance and Management of File

16) Draft Correspondence

17) Intro graphic Designing

18) Transcription of Video or Audio Creative Writing

19) Proof Reading

20) Content Writing

History of Upwork & Net Worth of Upwork?

Upwork is very old American freelancing website which is founded in 2015 by merging of different companies

a) Elance in 1998

b) o Desk in 2003

c) Elance and o Desk merged in December 2013 and named Elance-o Desk

d: This is rebranded as Upwork in 2015

Net Worth of Upwork varies with time and have a huge net worth in dollars, the net worth of December 24 was 4.31 billions dollars, on Upwork there are 3500000 jobs posted every year, 10000000 registered freelancers and 4500000 registered clients are present on Upwork in 2021.

Upwork net worth from October 2018 to December 2021

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Good day Dr! I am a dog. Need a cure for hungry stomach. Haha 🤗 I have accounts at the sites you mentioned but not active. I worked with but I prefer "playing" with Cryptos so I am in these 2-sites called noise and read cash. 🤗

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Ohhh that's good to know it Miss.I was having plan to enter these websites, so it's good to know about your experience, how was it?These two read and noise are fast earning websites but give us little ,not more.

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