Real Story: Giving Food To a Hungry Stray Dog and He Started Thanking & Loving Me.

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1 year ago

Must read all real story of this hungry dog who was thanking me and became my friend when I offered him some food.

Today I found a poor weak stray dog that was suffering from much hungriness, weakness , no feeding , much cold and foggy weather of winter from two days and was having pain in one leg.He was much poor even her ribs were visible from away.

He has pain in one hind leg and his ribs are visible due to much weakness.

He was watching to every student to offer him feed but all were going to take their classes and no one helped him and offered the feed to this hungry dog .

When I saw him , first I became much sad on his life and imagined of any of us ( human) was not having home, was having no food , not able to speak for help and was spending nights in this cold foggy weather outside, what we will fee, these all questions were arising in my mind, so I left the classes and call him ( dog) to come close to me, he came close and after I given some love to poor dog to him no one given love , I started walking and calling him to come with me and become my friend.

He became my friend and trusted me so easily because of his clear heart and start following me and we came to to a small shop from where I taken some pieces of cakes and offered it to this poor hungry dog.

Eating pieces of cakes and busy in it.

Dog was much hungry and eaten all pieces of cakes so fastly like he was hungry from few days and was much suffered by this cold winter nights.

He eaten all pieces of cakes in very short time and now started eating paper of cakes.

After eaten cakes , I saw a deep love in dog eyes for me and was moving tail to thank me.He was having tears in his eyes that was telling me that he was suffering this hungriness and hard life from long time.

I have many questions in my mind from all humans of world that , we are taking much care of our own childrens but why we are not taking care of these innocent creations , why we are not loving them, why we are not giving love to them, humanity tells , every religion tells us to be cooperative , kind and helpful to animals, then why we are taking their care, are we are humans?

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1 year ago