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New report: The hacker used the "Slack" app for the recent Twitter hacking

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2 years ago

The investigation is still ongoing in the recent Twitter piracy case that touched many celebrity accounts on the Twitter platform, during which the hackers managed to achieve $ 120,000 of bitcoin sent by the victims who trusted the tweet in hopes of obtaining twice the amount they sent to disappear the amount sent With the amount they have been waiting for ...

After this incident, Twitter fortified its security system and prevented Twitter with the address of crypto currencies:

Twitter decides to ban crypto addresses in tweets

According to the latest Twitter report, the hackers downloaded private and personal information related to the accounts of the 8 individuals affected by the piracy, and Twitter did not mention the identity of these people.

According to the same report, hackers made use of the "Your Twitter Data" feature, which allows users to download the full Twitter archive, including tweets, direct messages and possibly even deleted messages.

Twitter revealed that 130 accounts were compromised in total.

45 of these accounts, the attackers were able to initiate a password reset, log in to it and send Tweets unrelated to the account owner.

This Twitter report confirmed that the hacker could not see the previous passwords, but that they were able to look at the personal information of pirated accounts, including email addresses, phone numbers and the geographical location.

How did the attackers dominate Twitter?

As for how the hacker accessed this level of access to users ’personal accounts, Twitter confirmed that employees had inadvertently provided access to users’ personal accounts, but they did not provide additional details about that.

On the Twitter blog stated:

"The attackers managed to manipulate
a small number of employees and used
their credentials to gain access to
internal Twitter systems, including
bypassing two-factor protections."

To publish a more detailed report from the New York Times which states more details about the accident and the report claims that the hacker was a group of young people in the late teens and early twenties.

Through a Times interview with Twitter hackers, these hackers made clear that they hacked Twitter servers with remaining information on the "Slack" app of the internal Twitter channel, and by doing so they were given access to sensitive data.

The Times reported that Twitter's internal investigators confirmed the pirate's story, noting that the information the investigators had access to was consistent with what these pirates said.

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Written by   17
2 years ago
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Actually, however, you should always be wary of it because scamers are everywhere

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