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PART 1: Rewards ideas for your students and children.

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1 year ago

A. What is a Reward?

A reward can be in a form of virtual, realis’s, models or objects to be given to someone who deserves or did something great for a specific activity.

B. Why do we need to give rewards?

As a parent or teacher, it will be nice if we appreciate their success. It will create a strong relationship between the parent, teacher, and students. This is to let them feel that we are proud of what they have a reach and the progress they have made.

C. How do rewards affect student performance?

Rewards give a big impact on the students’ performances. This will encourage them to work harder and give a feeling of excitement whenever they enter the classroom. It boosts confidence in the child by acknowledging his/her achievements. Rewards will be their motivation to keep learning new things. This creates a big smile on their faces that will lead to a positive outcome.

As a teacher, being creative is a plus and I am so glad that I am skilled when it comes to Arts. My curiosity brought me new learning and discovery that I and the rest of the students benefitted.


Children will be happy to see nice stuffed toys. They love to hug them and know what’s their name. It will be good if you introduce the character by using different voices.

Example: (baby voice)

Hi there! I am Max. How are you? It’s nice to meet you today. Can you be my friend? Wow! That’s awesome. I can’t wait to do more fun activities with you. See you around.


This is the chance where students will learn healthy foods. They will be able to recognize what fruit or vegetable is it. Let’s help together to encourage our beloved children or students to stay fit and try these yummy and healthy foods.


Most of the children have their own favorite animals. Some have their own pets too at home and treat them like their best friend. You can start asking “What animal is it?” and repeat the words three times to familiarize the correct pronunciation. Next, you can ask what this animal can do? They let her or him act the animal and do the animal’s sound.


Who does not love ice cream? Aside from its colorful but it tastes so good too. It’s a good idea when the child answers the questions correctly, you will give one scoop and so with different flavors on it. This excites them and feels happy especially when they got a tall ice cream that shows how well he or she is in the class.


I made this for our beloved boys. Yes! They are fond of dinosaurs. It has different names and capabilities. This will cheer up their day and be happy seeing their favorite dinosaur.

Keep updated for Part 2 of this blog soon. Thank you!

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Written by   63
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