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Healthy meals in a day .

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1 year ago
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I am so excited to share what meals I prepared for today. As you know that cooking is one of my hobbies and it will never be out of my daily tasks. I am blessed to have the ability to experiment and make my own version of recipes. It is an advantage for me to have a fresh and good quality vegetable because I am staying in the province and for your information, I live in the Vegetable Basket of Cebu and it’s in Dalaguete. This municipality is one of the suppliers of vegetables to the city, markets, and grocery stores.

It is common for us to have breakfast with bread and any kind of hot drinks. This warms up the day. We usually called it “pamainit”. But this breakfast meal is mixed with an English breakfast for a twist. Of course, we Filipinos love to try something new because we considered ourselves food lovers.

  • Meal 1: BREAKFAST

· a cup of hot milk with oats

· toasted bread

· toasted avocado with egg and sliced sweet ham

To prepare this meal, I took 2 pieces of sliced bread and toast them. If you don’t have a toaster, a pan will do just spread a teaspoon of butter or margarine to have the crispiness of the bread. When it’s ready then I started to slice it into strips. Next, I got a half slice of the fresh avocado. I remove its seed by scooping it to make a perfect hole. I carefully place the egg on the whole and drop the sliced ham on the top of it. I start toasting it for about 4-5 minutes. I add a pinch of salt and pepper. The reason why I chose a sweet ham because there are times I can taste the bitterness of the avocado. Lastly, I had milk this morning with oatmeal. I poured only 2 tablespoons.

  • Meal 2: LUNCH

· Shredded vegetables

· White Flakes

· Steamed sweet potato

One of my favorite vegetables is the “sayote” or pear squash. I love mixing eggs with healthy veggies. The following ingredients are one scrambled egg, carrot, spicy ham to add flavor. I partnered it with white flakes. I usually place the veggies on top of the flakes. You may find it weird but that’s the way I eat it. Sweet potato is a root crop that I love to eat too. It has a variety of colors and I prefer the yellow one. I can taste its sweetness and great flavor. I love eating rice specifically at lunch but I can see how sweet potato can be a great alternate for it.

  • Meal 3: SNACKS

· Tidbits pineapple

· Red apple

From the moment I found out I have kidney stones, I started to love eating fresh fruits. These are my top 2 favorite fruits that I can live with forever. Instead of eating salty chips or sweet deserts, Eating this is a good idea to maintain a healthy lifestyle and I am into its great benefits that surely provide the nutrition I am looking for. I would like to share a wise idea when having fruits in your meal. It is not necessary to buy expensive ones. Just like what I did, I cut the apple half so the other one, I can have it for tomorrow and 5-6 tidbits of pineapple are enough for me since they are juicy and makes my tummy get full easily.

Meal 4: DINNER

· Grilled Chicken Breast

· String beans fry

Dinner should be light not too heavy because, in the evening, it is the time where it takes time to digest most especially the meat ones. This is a perfect recipe that you will enjoy having. I don’t use black charcoals to grill because it takes time and I don’t have any grilling pan because I can’t afford it. What I did is to be strategic. The first thing is to marinate the chicken overnight so that it will soothe in every layer of it. I use a frying pan in very low heat. I directly put the chicken for 10- 15 minutes. I did not put oil or any greasy one because I wanted to feel the essence of the grill though it was not in the grilling pan. I am happy with the result because it was successful. I used simple ingredients for my string beans. I had crashed garlic, red onion, salt, and pepper.

I know your mouth is watering right by looking at these pictures and reading on how I describe each meal. I cannot wait to share more recipes soon. I’ll be posting food every Saturday. See you next time! Goodbye!

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Written by   63
1 year ago
Topics: Foods, Healthy, Vegetable, Fruits, Diet, ...
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