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Which is your favourate science subject?

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6 months ago

Having studied Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, and Biology for aong time, your opinion about these subjects will gradually change the more you learn new topics about them,and also other factors such as change of teacher or school. And also, you don't need to have a certain aptitude level to start to love a particular science subject but rather it's about the circumstances that you pass through and the enlightening you get on you way that helps you to get a firm grip onto a subject. There are many factors that make students lose interest in the subject and these could be because the quality and type of instructions given to them. When students are given a poor standard of instructions by their instructors, they will tend to follow the advice because of the trust they have in them and will not go ahead to make their own research to find the perfectly right methods. This will make students fail at their final national examination and will have a different perspective about the subjects they should offer as they continue tu o progress in academic life.

Also, another challenge could be because of the developmental issues in which the students in adolescence prioritize new developmental tasks. Adolescence is really a determining time for young people in both the decisions they make and the behaviors they maintain. To be good at science subjects requires discipline because focuss is need to be able to learn the different concepts that will be used in future studies.

The other challenge is the differentiation processes of interest in adolescents indicate a change of students' object of interest in science subjects during their school life, from general enjoyment of being in class to an increasing focus on scientific objects, underlining the need for a more discriminated approach for assessing interest.

With that said, which is your favourate science subject?

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