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Diving into VeChain (VET) cryptocurrency.

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2 years ago

First we must know that VeChain (VET), is a cryptocurrency that has been working on its project since 2015, and since that moment it has been growing exponentially in the integration of new objectives in order to consolidate its future projects. Currently this cryptocurrency has its main headquarters in China, Singapore, Japan and France. In this way, they are seeking to expand their bases worldwide in a progressive way in the face of technological advances, which are related to VeChain projects.

What are your projects? 

Among the most important projects that this cryptocurrency has been consolidating, is the creation of an identification ID for product brands, so that all companies have control over the information on the number of products they have, as well as It serves to track the authenticity of the brand that is distributed, in such a way as to avoid counterfeiting. But on the other hand, this cryptocurrency has been forming projects related to 5G technology, to improve its blockchain and they have also been working with Virtual Reality innovations.

If we take an example of how this cryptocurrency can work with products, we can point it out this way; if you have a brand of orange-based drinks, with a flavor that is typical of the brand and makes it authentic. In this case, working with VeChain technology, it allows to have a collection of data on the brand of orange juice, such as the time it was bottled, expiration date, how many containers were produced and where it is destined, all registered by an ID, which contains all that information through the VeChain blockchain.

Market value

According to CoinMarketCap, the value of this coin for each unit is $ 0.014134 at the time of writing this publication, and as can be shown in the image below this paragraph, its maximum history was on August 9, 2020, reaching up to 0.022917. dollars per VeChain unit, and its record low was $ 0.001678 per unit as of March 13 of this year. From what we can witness from the graphs, it came with a very important rise from its historical low, until it reached its historical maximum recently on August 9. At this moment it is in a bearish scenario, which may make its price lower, but even so it is a project that everyone who has invested expects to have a good performance in the future.


There are many multi-account wallets and public exchanges that have support for this cryptocurrency, but I can mention them based on the ones I know and use, they are the following, Binance, Coinswith, Bitfinex, Kucoin, Huobi and among others. I personally have been operating mainly with Binance, due to their significant volume that handles the VET cryptocurrency. But everything will depend on the preference of each person in choosing which exchanges they can use to invest.

Why do I like this token?

Seen all the information given about this cryptocurrency, apart from the performance it has given me from the first moment I invested in this cryptoactive, it has been a reason to have it on the pedestal, due to the fact that it is one of the 25 best cryptocurrencies in the market, and for the entire project that has been running. So from my perspective this is a very valuable asset, for which many of us can take into account when investing in the short, medium or long term in the world of cryptocurrencies.

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Written by   3
2 years ago
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