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Do androids dream of electric sheep, or do humans dream of an animal that they can tame at home?

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6 months ago

Perhaps we can say: Do humans dream of an animal that they can tame at home? The affective relationship between animal-men and human-androids was presented by Phillip K. Dick in his sci-fi novel of the cyberpunk subgenre published in 1962, is perhaps one of the most controversial reflections of the dystopian world, where humanity has become prey to its own destruction and in consciousness, the loss of all possible identity of what was once the Earth.

 At present, humanity has not yet come to its senses about the imperative need to take care of our planet, we still continue to use vehicles with fossil fuels (especially in developing countries, but also the great nations) They have contributed to the visceral pollution of our planet. Alerts from international organizations for the protection of the environment, natural resources and wildlife are increasingly focused on denouncing the disappearance of species, which at some point were in danger of extinction.

 The author presents animals as unique, valuable, and very expensive species, as much or more than a work of art, as much or more than human life. Due to the total extinction of life on Earth, caused by the "Terminal World War" and high levels of radiation in the environment, numerous wild animals went extinct, and those that survived are considered unique specimens. Then adapt to a new environment and a new way of life, but only within the reach of those who have the most. The fact of having a genuine animal (and not a substitute, which is industrially manufactured in bulk by different technological corporations) supposes a status and social conditioning in the new class distribution.

 Instead, you could buy a surrogate animal for a much lower price, and it will never be the same. On the other hand, the humanoids are the most important and first-hand labor force on the colonized planets, which is replacing human beings, considering them incapable of carrying out such jobs. Humans who stayed on Earth and cannot emigrate are considered subhuman, a class apart from “specials” without the possibility of having a better quality of life. Dick invites in his book to reflect on the true condition of human nature, his faith and his feelings, the importance of preserving nature and its endangered position in the universe, and the predatory capacity of human beings to realize their own self-destruction.


By Luis H. Carrillo

Art researcher & content creator.

Image credits: Cover of Philip K. Dick's book Do androids dream with electronic sheep?


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6 months ago
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