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We keep Marching...

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2 months ago

"Even when I was close to defeat I rose to my feet" -- Dr. Dre

As we slowly draw the curtains on 2020, we take some time to look back at the year so far and it has truly been a most crazy year to be honest. None still here kicking is more deserving of a place here on Earth than any who has departed, but one lesson I think the whole of humanity learnt this year is the resilience of man.

Even when it looked grim, even when the prospects looked almost hopeless, for many young ones who have never experienced something of this magnitude it was a first and a very scary first for that matter. But we all rose to our feet nonetheless.

It looked hopeless but everyone was ready to move on in spite of it all, to return back to classrooms, to take walks, to check up on a friend and neighbor and seek to restore some shred of normal when we had the chance. With the new strain it looks like that resilience will be tested once again. I have no doubt whatsoever that we will pull through, that our resolve is been tested yet again and we will at the end be victors.

Everyone who is still kicking and going in spite of it all deserves a thumbs up and pat on the back. The health workers who keep going are without doubt demigods, they're superheroes in human form. The essential workers who even with the Fear, uncertainty and doubt carry out their duties deserve national medals for bravery. We've no doubt been tested.

At this point we can only deploy man's greatest gift which is hope. Hope that soon we will come to an end of this. Hope that next year maybe will be a better year than this was, with less troubles. Hope that soon we will be able to embraced loved ones and socialize as we want. Till then we will stare COVID and defeat in the face and flip the finger.

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As the year ends, a new curtain must be opened and we should be all looking forward for a better year & more opportunities to take. Have a blast, bud!

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2 months ago

Very true, we can only keep Marching forward and look at the new year with hope

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2 months ago

Absolutely true. We have to have ourselves ready for more upcoming events and happenings next year.

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2 months ago