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The Power of words....

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1 year ago

"In the hands of a great poet, words have ways of affecting us in ways we don't understand." -- Kenneth Branagh

I gave a speech on the power of words a couple of years back and that is to this day one of my best speeches ever. I still remember some of the lines in that speech, I absolutely loved it same as the audience too by the way.

The point though is that words indeed are so powerful that when used rightly they can be molded to inspire some of the greatest human revolutions known to man. Adolf Hitler was more popular for his words among the Nazi soldiers than any other thing. He was said to possess so much rhetorics that you couldn't listen to him and not be enthralled.

Same thing for Winston Churchill, he inspired the whole of Britain through his words and in a way the whole world. Same thing can be said for Abraham Lincoln, he understood just how to use his words to inspire men to act like demigods.

Words truly are very important my friends, I kid you not. Their importance cannot be overemphasized, learn how to use words and you will learn in essence how to sway the hearts of men in your favour. Keep winning and doing big things friends.

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