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Own your jouney

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2 months ago

"I stay fat because it just wouldn't be fair to all the thin people if I were this good-looking, intelligent, funny, and thin. It's a public service really." -- Rebel Wilson

At some point in my life I used to feel insecure about my body, but thankfully I got over it and though not as cocky and positively arrogant like the quote but I am getting there lol. Unlike the quote above, I wasn't fat, quite the opposite I was in fact rather thin and I got taunted a couple of times because of it, and so I withdrew into a shell and that only made it worse.

I lost confidence in myself and in my abilities, I became a shadow of my former self and it was pretty scary to say the least. But thankfully I pushed past that, and it wasn't easy mind you but it's definitely possible.

Own whoever it is that you are my friends. Tall, short, fat, thin, whatever race, color, preference or orientation. There will always be stigma and things said about it and you, but it really is all about owning your journey.

I have lots to say about this topic because like I said it is something I went through myself. But in all you do, I hope you find the love for self and peace of mind to accept and love you for who you are. I hope you find the courage to stand up for who you are and what you believe in. I hope you find the strong will of heart to not let the words of others said out of spite hurt you. Salud my friends.

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