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My Status Experience.....

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I have been using the Status Network app for over a year and I am deeply in love with the multi-versatility that it offers. Status allows users to use a Private Messaging app, a wallet and a Web 3 Browser. It is one app that I would highly recommend to everyone looking to try something out of the norm, those looking to try a messaging app apart from the popular big me ones. While crypto adoption is moving forward, there are still many things all of us can do to fasten it. I would love to see crypto and Status grow and see increased adoption and I'm doing my bit by spreading the word about Status to actualise that dream.

Status application which combines private messaging, secure crypto transactions, and Web3 DApp browsing in your pocket. It brings you the best of all worlds and it's one app I always like to talk about whenever I'm given the opportunity. It's a solid pick for me with enormous long term potential.

Status is now available both on Mobile ( iOs and Android) and Desktop (Mac, Linux, Windows) and you can download it here:

The SNT is the official token of the Status network (based on the Ethereum blockchain) and you can learn all about it and it's utility here

I especially love Status for always keeping in touch with their community. It is one project I know that releases consistent projects keeping their community in the loop of their activities, growth, setbacks and the likes. These updates are usually shared openly through periodically organzed town hall meetings, where everyone can join in and participate. The recordings are also made available later for those who weren't present to watch or read(whichever you prefer) and get the latest town hall Status news. From the news shared during their last town hall meeting, here are some key information about Status Network;

Status is actively hiring new members to join the team and achieve more. There are 17 new roles on the team and Community members can refer qualified individuals they know.

Also more fantastic features have been added to the Desktop app to make the experience way smoother and memorable.

The next update release will also set the UI to include informing of an online and offline state.

User growth continues, especially in African and South American countries where the app is experiencing massive adoption.

Since the beginning of this year, close to 1.6 million app installs, or approximately 7400 app installs per day

Over 12 000 active daily users

Status was a partner of ETHCC event in July

Status Ambassador program is growing rapidly. New ambassadors joined all around the world. You can also join the program if you're interested and help spread the word about Status.

Status is definitely one app I'm super excited for. I think they have a very solid use case and that they will be here for the long term as it's mostly apps with solid FA that last for the long term, and I'm sure Status has that solid FA

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Written by   46
1 month ago
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