The box of the mind..

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When I was in the fifth grade, I met him From the first time I saw him, I felt a different kind of love inside me But I didn't understand what love was because I was young. Once I got up in 10th class, I hid my test question paper and expressed my love. He gave me back. I was very serious. I haven't forgotten him yet. Maybe I fell in love a little too much When I think of him, I don't feel like before What I do know is that maybe the inside of the mind has become hard Yet the mind sometimes cries for him Today's article is for him Do you still have a place in your mind for me?



Come back

I lost you a long time ago. But my heart still cries for you. This mind only wants to see you once. Maybe you want to stay away from me on purpose. Maybe something else. I really want to know what you hope to do if your absolute love is in vain. Where are you I miss you so much. There is only one longing in the depths of the mind, see you one last time ... once, only once. I will wait for you till the last day of my life.

In the last letter you gave, you once wrote about love. But you forgot that today. There are many pictures of you on the wall of my house. I see you as soon as I open my eyes, I see more when I close my eyes. You are in my soul. Every moment of mine without you is miserable love. Forget all anger and pride and come back to our peaceful love.

Kamrul Islam

University of Chittagong.

I miss you so much ...

When you were close I didn't even think for a moment how close you were to me. How much I love you, I gave you a lot of trouble. I never even tried to understand you. You have been lost in my life due to negligence and carelessness. But today I lost you and understood what I mean by suffering, what love means, I know it is not possible to get back to you in this life, but I miss your cuddly rule and happy pride ...



How are you without seeing me?

The sky was cloudy that day! You come to me and say you love me! Immediately the sun shone in my eyes. That day I thought I was going to be the happiest man in the world but today I realize that the idea was wrong. I have just come to the city from the village to study, as well as do tuition. I had a good day with classes, tuition and studies. Then you found that in me. If you catch a cow that I have to love. And I couldn't avoid you for long. Finally the beginning of love happened. You couldn't stay without seeing me one day. I decided to get married but I am unemployed! So I was looking for a job after finishing my studies but in those days I realized it was too late, you became someone else's housewife. I was alone again! But wanting to ask you a question, how come you don't see me now?

Deepak Roy


Can't find you

I started to love you from the day I first saw you in ninth grade. But I couldn't say I was afraid if you got lost. Because you made me feel like a best friend. One day it happened, I told you and you lost me far away. Don't even talk to me. How many times have I tried to talk but never said anything. You have turned your face again and again. I haven't seen you for almost two years now. I just look for you but I can't find you anywhere. My mind repeatedly says you're fine?

Mujibur Rahman


What are you using me for?

Are you really my friend? If you really are my friend, why leave if you meet someone else during loneliness. So are you using me


That is not supposed to happen

Today I know why I feel very alone, it is not supposed to happen. I've been very lonely since you left my life, show me a little if you can.

Md. Russell


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