Success does not mean the end of everything.

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There is a saying we heard from childhood that "failure is the key to success", the meaning of which takes a lot of time in our lives to understand. The insanity of success from the pain of failure is more or less the same, calculating it is like looking at the table of life upside down. In English, it is called "Failure is the pillar of success". Many people joke that if there are more pillars, the building will be stronger, but there will be a lot of problems in its structural layout. What is the need for a house that can not be lived in?

In our daily lives, the words 'successful' and 'unsuccessful' seem to come and go. In the eyes of different people, the two words have different definitions. Analysis of two words depending on one's point of view. Again, the meaning of the two words in our current life is so much that it has no limits. Its direction may change at any time. "Aaj ye ra, ja kaal se fakir" - such words are seen not only in public, but also in reality. Successful people are in control of almost every single situation. All the sins of the world go and surround that unsuccessful person.

There are two ways of life - success and failure

In the case of the common man in our Third World, success is determined by earning money. There is nothing wrong with this notion. But it goes without saying that the number of people who failed in that trial is a little heavy. If we look at other developed countries, we will see that the government has curbed the needs of the common man. What does that do? Very easily. As soon as you get a good job, the house, car, furniture, medical insurance etc. Different installment facilities are being given on very easy terms and various fancy things are being fulfilled along with the demand. There are also opportunities to educate children well. After deducting that fixed amount from the salary, whatever is left is deposited in the bank. So everyone's needs are limited to a certain limit.

There is a difference of demand in every turn of life

On the other hand, in a developing country like Bangladesh, everyone is involved in uncontrolled competition. Want, want, want more. There is no end to this demand. There is nothing to do, the partner next door is going too far! I also have to reach the peak. There is no straight path, there is a crooked path. And he who cannot take the crooked path, he may fall into one of the dumps of failure. Where there is no end to demand, the calculation of power will always lag behind - that is normal.

Failure is a very familiar word

Today's article is not against success, but against failure. When we look around, we see that there are more unsuccessful people than successful people. Just as a country's working system is responsible for this, so are some of our own characteristics. Failure can come at different stages of human life. Some in jobs, some in business, some in studies, some in love. We all dream. Many times we may not have enough effort to make that dream come true. Despite trying again, fate often stood in the way. As a result, it is wrong to expect anything but failure.

Conflict with success and failure in the course of life

Fear of seeing one's reflection in the mirror of society becomes a bigger obstacle than failing or failing. There is always the fear of ‘what is the man thinking about me!’ This kind of thinking is a daily part of our lives. Our country is like that! People have plenty of time. Everyone's diary goes through thinking about others. Whatever it is, now the question is - ‘How to get rid of the stigma of failure?’ The easier it is to say, the harder it is to do! Today, social media is full of inspirational conversations and successful people's lives. There are many advices of Nana Muni on him. If all this advice had been followed, the word 'unsuccessful' might have been erased from the face of the earth.

Tim Harford's famous quote

Now let's come to another context. Suppose you are a failure. You may have been wrong in every step of life. A lot of time has passed today. If the mind just wanted to bring back the lost time, I would rebuild this life. It is not uncommon to think this way. But believe me, even if that lost time is given back today, there will be no change in life. Because we are still looking back, learning from past mistakes. Still refraining from trying to rebuild oneself with the time ahead.

Trying to find the good side in everything

The words ‘depression’ and ‘frustration’ may be gradually merging with life. You are thinking that it is not possible to do anything with yourself. What is the result? ‘Zero’. So those who do not have the indomitable courage or conviction to change themselves, if they look at life a little differently, it is possible to hide themselves from the filth of this failed life.

Keep yourself happy and do something for yourself

We always try to imagine how sad we are when we see the joy of others. It is very important that we get out of this idea. We have to look at what we enjoy by respecting the happiness of others. The desire to be happy with what I have without making myself look sad to others will also force you to change the way others look at you.

The intention to keep yourself well is always as important as keeping yourself happy. First of all you have to choose some good aspects of yourself. All human beings have their own good aspects. Those aspects need to be presented in a beautiful way. You have to build yourself by understanding what kind of yourself, introverted or extroverted. You have to fight hard to be satisfied with what you have. One has to free oneself from the idea of ​​‘lest people say something’.

Doing something for the beloved man

We are just fighting to be successful. But in the race to succeed, we often forget about our loved ones. Even if we fail, we should try our best to do something for the person close to us. The joy of being able to do something for a loved one can bring you endless joy that can bring any unsuccessful person the unconditional satisfaction of getting something invaluable.

Trying to help others

We are all busy with ourselves. I am constantly thinking only about myself. So we make it a lot bigger not to get anything of our own. But there is a wonderful heavenly feeling in helping others as much as you can, which cannot be counted as power alone.

Being able to do something for the country

The country is a huge refuge for every unsuccessful person. Loving one's country, the conviction to do something for one's country can bring the satisfaction of feeling good, which will point the finger at those people who are always trying to protect their own interests by selling the country while sitting in the power of defending the country.

Build yourself honest and competent

It is relatively wise to try to develop your own good without competing unequally with others. The idea of ​​how to be good in an honest way without following the evil ways of others and the idea that what you have is earned from the honest way is bound to bring you a lot of self-satisfaction.

Enjoying the small achievements of life

Our life is very short. In this small life, we just calculate the power. This life is full of many additions and subtractions from beginning to end. There is no man in the world whose life diary is filled only with power. There will be many ups and downs in life, there will be ups and downs. But life will continue in its own way. Therefore, in this transient life, it is very important to have a proper understanding of what you get every day. I will do a lot of great things in the future, it is wise to move away from that thought and calculate what is beautiful in your life today.

This article is not at all analytical or instructive. A small attempt to put forward some realization of your own life. Maybe these words are in line with the way of life of many people or many people may disagree with it. But there is a great lack of people in the world to be the companions of unsuccessful people, this is the great truth of today's world. There are so many people around the happy man, but no one has time to look at the sad man. So in this cruel reality the unsuccessful person just has to rely on himself and handle himself.

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