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In the present age, the problem that is becoming evident along with the physical illness is the mental illness. According to a WHO survey, one in four people worldwide suffers from some form of mental illness at some point in their lives, and about 20 percent of the world's children and adolescents suffer from a variety of mental health problems. These are the calculations, the most intriguing and at the same time frightening aspect of mental illness is its diversity. There are some weird mental illnesses we can't even imagine, the reality of which outweighs Hollywood horror movies. And today's event is about some strange mental illness.

1. Alien Hand Syndrome

In this disease the person loses complete control of one of his hands; Source:

Alien Hand Syndrome is a rare and strange mental illness. A person with this disease loses complete control of any one of his hands. In this case, it seems that the hand is not his own or something completely intangible has come inside the hand. In this case, the person is seen strangling himself or someone else, or biting, pinching or killing himself or someone else. In most cases, people with Alzheimer's or Cruzfeld-Jacob are more likely to get the disease. In many cases, the disease can also be seen as a side effect after a brain transplant. Unfortunately, no effective treatment or cure for this disease has been discovered so far. People who are affected by this disease get some relief by keeping the affected hand busy or holding the affected hand with the other hand.

2. Aptemnophilia

মাঝেPatient has a strong desire to cut off different parts of his body; Source:

Aptemnephilia is also often referred to as 'Body Integrity Disorder' or 'Ampute Identity Disorder'. This is a terrible mental problem, which makes the affected person always want to cut off his healthy limbs. Not much is known about this terrible disease. However, experts say that the disease is associated with an injury or infection in the right parietal lobe of the brain. Most doctors would not agree to have a healthy limb amputated for no apparent reason. In these cases, the patient begins to cut his own limbs, which is more terrible. After amputation of limbs in this way, in most cases, there is no remorse among the patients. Rather, they are quite happy about it!

3. Boantherapy

The patient thinks of himself as a cow and tends to behave like a cow; Source:

Another such rare and bizarre mental illness is buanthropy. People with this disease think of themselves as cows and start behaving like cows! Many times they go to the field with the herd of cows and walk on all fours with them and many are seen chewing grass with the cows! Patients with buoyant therapy do not understand when, how or why they are doing this. When they are normal, they can't remember this abnormality. Currently, psychiatrists say that the disease is caused by hypnotism or dreaming. Surprisingly, the description of this bonthrophic disease has come up in the Bible. There King Nebuchadnezzar is described as "being banished from the people and eating grass with the bulls as a bull."

4. Clinical lysentherapy

রোগThe disease bears a striking resemblance to the legendary War Wolf; Source:

Although there are some similarities between clinical lysantherapy and boantherapy, the two diseases are completely different. In this case, the patient thinks that he can be transformed into an animal, such as a wolf, fox or any other animal. And he thinks of it as a kind of power of his own. With this belief, he started behaving like that animal. When the disease reaches its peak, they are seen fleeing to the forest for a while. There are many similarities between this disease and the story of the legendary War Wolf, although here the person is not physically transformed in the true sense, it is a complete illusion of his brain.

5. Cotard Delusion

The patient thinks of himself as a dead man; Source:

Cotard delusion is also called 'Walking Dead Syndrome' by many. This disease is very similar to the current 'zombie trend'. People with this disease think of themselves as dead people or ghosts who can walk. They think that all the blood in their body has been absorbed and there are no organs inside their body. They tend to feel that their body is rotten. Patients with this disease suffer from severe depression and in some cases, they die of starvation at one stage due to not eating. This terrible disease was first discovered in 180 by the neurologist Cotard. But the hope is that this coated delusional disease is quite rare. The most shocking incident of this can be seen in Haiti, where a man sat there believing that he was dead and now in hell!

. Diogenesis syndrome

The disease is more common in the elderly; Source:

Diogenes syndrome is another strange mental illness. People with this disease have an unhealthy tendency to store everything, they want to store everything and do not want to throw away old things. They are often seen picking up different things from different places. The disease is named after the Greek philosopher Diogenes of Sinpi. In most cases, the disease is more common in older people who have been living alone for a long time. According to a US study, 0.05 percent of Americans over the age of 60 have the disease. There are two types of Diogenes syndrome. One is the primary, which is that the person has the disease on their own. Another is secondary, in which case the disease appears as a symptom of another mental illness. People with this disease become extremely irritable, they live in a very unhealthy and unhygienic environment. They do not take care of themselves and do not like to take help of others. Psychiatrists say that the disease is mainly caused by being alone for a long time or lack of a good family environment.

. Factitus disorder

তারাThey tell various lies to the doctor for repeated treatment; Source:

Factitus disorder is a mental illness that causes a person to become ill repeatedly and seek treatment! They even make themselves sick, often wanting to seek treatment. Again many times they pretend to be sick to go to the hospital, lie. Such patients are found to have a good knowledge of medicine and medical terms. So they can easily pretend to be a disease. They do not like to let their family members talk to the doctor and are always interested in taking any risky surgery or treatment. If the disease progresses to an advanced stage, they can inflict any kind of harm on themselves for treatment, which can often lead to their death. The root cause of Factitus disorder is still unknown to psychologists. However, any physical and mental abnormalities of childhood and severe trauma are considered as risk factors for the disease.

. Clover-Busy syndrome

মাঝেPeople with this disease have a strong desire for various inedible foods; Source:

Another terrible and unusual mental illness is Kluwer-Busy syndrome. People with this disease have a strong desire for various inedible foods and they feel sexual attraction towards various inert substances. For example, many of them eat books, pens, soil, etc. inedible. Again, many people try to have sex with cars, various equipment, etc. As a result, in most cases they harm themselves. Needless to say, people with this disease cannot easily identify different objects and persons and their memory is extremely weak. According to neurologists, the disease is caused by an injury or infection in the temporal lobe of the brain. Unfortunately, there is no cure for this disease, the infected person has to carry the disease for life.

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