Separation of love

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Love is something that everyone wants to get their hands on. Many people get it and no one gets it. Even if they get it, some of them lose it and some of them don't pay the price. Love does not mean winning over someone. Love means accepting the rate for someone. Love is not with the depth of knowledge, love is with the purity of the heart. Walking holding the hand of love, many children dance in the galaxy of happiness while dancing in the salt water on the beach in the eyes of their loved ones ......

Most of the time people make a mistake in recognizing their own people and even if they do know, they are more sincere with others than you, which increases the distance with you. The closer Perera is, the farther he is spiritually, the closer he is, and the farther you go, the closer he is spiritually. Distance reduces the intensity of love, in some cases it increases but in most cases it decreases. Those who fall in love from afar are the real recipients of love.

Love is an object that sometimes makes you laugh, sometimes makes you cry, sometimes makes you dream sweet, sometimes breaks your heart, sometimes floats you in the sea of ​​happiness and sometimes drowns you in the deep waters of misery.

Strange meaning of love, a lot of value. Gives new life to many ... takes the lives of many again ..

The biggest trouble in the world is one-sided love, the biggest trouble is you loved him, he knew, still loves but he doesn't know. The pain of not being able to express love is also terrible.

Any visible injury, invisible pain can be easily forgotten but if someone close to you hurts, it never seems to be forgotten but it seems to be the most painful thing in the world and it cannot be seen with the eyes or touched only with the feelings of the mind.

And no matter how much suffering comes in a person's life, even if the suffering is broken into pieces, everyone believes that one day all his sufferings will come together and make him a great happiness. In the hope of this one day we are deceived again and again but love again.

No special time or day is needed to express love, but love itself is very special

Gives birth to time and day. In some ways, love means only the relationship of the lover and the lover, but not only the relationship of the lover or the lover ... Human relationship is in two ways, in spirit and in blood. Both are love, but whatever the blood relationship, the tension of the soul is real.

Love, the word is never old, never dirty, never gray or colorless; Love is always just a rainbow

Colorful in color. No matter how different the differences, still love is just


Gf or Bf doesn't mean love,

But there are some people in life who can be blindly trusted, and despite a thousand hardships, he still holds hands and explains, I am, I will always be yours ... This is love, which is very important for a life. There is no such thing as a separate aggregate. Life goes on without getting someone's love, but it is not possible to live life without being good.

Everyone knows the meaning of love, but not only if you know, you have to accept, you have to walk along the thorny path, if you want to understand the mind, you have to lose in the forest of the mind.

There is no need to hurt the people of love, after the injury of the people of love, there is no more pain. That pain is like a traveler on the way to an unknown destination, like self-destruction for the blind.

Love means sharing your life with someone. There are so many dreams, joys, hardships, desires, wants and needs, perfections and imperfections in one's life. Love is the unconditional exchange of precious time with someone. Love is not the name of giving one's extra time to someone, love is not the name of spending extra time with someone after doing everything in one's life, it is never love to maintain a relationship while maintaining one's own interests. To be able to think of another person before oneself, to laugh and love for him even in many difficulties. If a love relationship is built on the fascination of something special

When that special thing is lost, love is also lost. But the love that comes naturally, lasts forever. Selfless love

It takes a long time to gain love and trust and one moment is enough to break it. And if you want to believe again, it may not be possible in your whole life. Who should believe someone who sometimes feels sorry for himself. Who should love someone who has the fear of losing love all the time, who will look for it if they don't talk, if they don't see it. No matter how proud you are of the man you love,

I will remember his words, and his name is love.

Which is more expensive than love and life? Life will say most of the answers. Then why does man despise his own life for love! This is love, no one gets it and no one gets it and loses it. The man of love may not be in everyone's life, but love is in everyone's life. It is not right to love someone who plays with feelings, but to love someone who cannot love, at least knows how to respect love. If yours

If love is not good for you, then you are for him

Silently fall in love. The more hope there is for a man of love, the greater his suffering. It hurts when we can't convince the man we love that I really love him. When someone special is neglected, it is very difficult and even more difficult when you are forced to act happily. True love never loses, it hides in the unseen place of feeling in the mind. And if one accepts the rate of suffering, then only hardship increases in life but happiness does not increase, but it is possible to be happy a little if one can realize the happiness that is in the midst of hardship. Ending one's life does not mean love, love means not hurting oneself because someone has left, but building oneself in such a way that he regrets and realizes that I have made a mistake. You have to show him that you are much better, happier, that this will be your last revenge on him, which will make him feel remorse and the pain of losing love. Since there is no short cut to forgetting someone very close. From time to time he will be remembered and the memories will continue to haunt him. People are emotional, so just as they suddenly become upset for someone, they are always involved in happiness. Eternity carefully remembers the one who is not, and does not even try to understand the mind of the one who is very close. We humans are very strange. Whatever hurts us, we turn to it. We are often deceived by people of our faith and then we get love from someone who is completely unexpected. Some people make us feel sorry for the mistakes we didn't make, while others avoid the mistakes we make because of the smiles on our faces. Some leave us when we need them the most, and some leave unwillingly to grieve. Some people don't come even if they call, but there are some people who stay with them even if they are told to leave. Gathering of all kinds of people in the world, we just need to know who to shake hands with and who to hold hands with. After all, that is life. Man without love is like a clock without thorns. Love is like a small boat. You are the boatman and you are the man of love. When there is a oar, the boat moves forward and when there is no oar, the calm boat turns aimlessly in the river.

I have seen dreams disappear, I have seen people close to me go away, everyone says love teaches to smile and I have seen that love cry deeply.

Love is a feeling that will sometimes make you laugh, sometimes make you cry, sometimes make you dream sweetly

Never again will it break your heart.

Sometimes the heart will float in the sea of ​​happiness again

Sometimes you will drown in the deep water of trouble. Yet people love.

Even if you can buy a lot of valuable things for money, you cannot buy invaluable love. Something far away can be seen through binoculars, but the nearest heart cannot be seen. Although many things can be recovered even if they are lost unknowingly, if you lose faith, you can no longer find them. Everything in the world, everything in the world seems to be its own, only when the man of love is by its side in love and only then it feels very lucky, when the man of love is surrounded by faith. The greatest weakness of man is love, in which there is no love, there is no weakness. There is a demand for love, that

The claim is a very difficult claim. People give up everything for love and that love becomes black for him ... The more angry he is, the more love he has. Some people secretly fall in love with someone, they give a lot even if they don't want anything in return.

Love is not wrong but loving the wrong people

Believing him is the biggest mistake of life. By pretending to love, it is not right to hurt someone's dream. If you play with someone's mind.

You will see her tears, the curse in your life,

May fall. Never touch cigarettes in life

The boy can also become a chain smoker overnight, in the pain of losing a loved one. Even a girl who is scared of cockroaches can easily cut her hand with a blade and bleed herself, in the pain of losing love. This is how love is, it creates a lot or destroys everything. If you give that love to someone who is not worthy of love, you may get the same pain that you did not deserve. Unwanted love is irrelevant. There is no respect for the love that is found without asking. The feeling of being able to sit next to the person you love or hold his hand or with any of his touches or talk to him is unique. This contact relieves any pain, it is the best diet for any ailment.

The greatest weakness of man is love, he who has no love has no weakness, man gives up everything for love. And this love becomes tomorrow for life. Don't love someone in a way that plays with your feelings. Love someone who can't love, will respect eternal love. In love we want to touch the sky in imagination but when we suffer in love we just want to hold on to the ground. As the desires of love are limitless, so are the sufferings ...

Yet people love unconditionally. And our mind is also infinitely strange, which is impossible to find, the arrogant mind is more desperate for it, that is the fault of the mind. So the saint is careful. It is not wise to make the path of life thorny by loving him. He to whom everything can be said, who is relieved by his touch, who can walk a long way holding hands, who thinks of himself as his own and keeps him at heart. He who has faith is safe, he is loved. For the sake of love, it is necessary to remember that any relationship survives by words, and by a few words, even a long-term strong relationship is broken. Those who come to life like meteors, they run like comets. If you are your own, if you ever go the wrong way, don't stop with just a handful. There is nothing in life but mistakes. Don't protest about how many people commit crimes without knowing it. Forgive all the mistakes and tie them in the sheet of Neo Mamta. Rule though, forgive all mistakes. But never pull anyone close to the sky with equal love because that person has the power to move you away with equal pain on earth!

The nature of all love is not one, cannot be. Some kill themselves for love and some kill others. Love is a difficult thing, the world was created for this love, for this love people want to live on earth and as long as the world is real

Love will exist, and human humanity will live on.

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